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The Impact of the Enlightenment on Christianity

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Maggie Broderick

on 14 May 2015

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Transcript of The Impact of the Enlightenment on Christianity

The Enlightenment
Took place from the late 17th to the late 18th century
Known as the Age of Reason
The Enlightenment was a period driven by philosophical thought that dominated over the prior religious importance
The Enlightenment's Effects on Christianity in the West
Effects on Christianity
The Church was responsible for controlling the mind
Humans should act in the present, not try to live for their lives in heaven
Enlightenment thinkers placed less importance on religious salvation and more importance on happiness in today's life
Philosophers urged the people to focus more on their specific thoughts than the Church's teachings
People of the Period
Denis Diderot- attacked Christianity in all forms influencing religious views in France
David Hume- asked why a perfect God would ever create an imperfect world; influenced Kant
Voltaire- believed that God was a clockmaker who created the world then let it run according to its laws; directly criticized Jesuits and theology in general
People of the Period
Denis Diderot
The Impact of the Enlightenment on Christianity
By: Maggie Broderick, Mia Massaro, and Mike Higgins

Major Events
David Hume
In 1633, the Pope prosecuted Galileo for his promotion of the heliocentric theory about the solar system.
In 1648, the 30 Years War ends with the Peace of Westphalia.
In 1770, Baron d'Holbach writes his book "System of Nature" which caused a great deal of controversy with the church because of the book's support of Atheism.
In 1789, the French Revolution ends the Enlightenment.
Impact of the Enlightenment on the Church Today
The Church had less of an influence in the
world as a major power.
People were able to read and interpret the Bible for themselves due to the invention of the printing press.
The separation of Church and State allowed the Church to focus more on its own doctrines and issues instead of having to worry about running a State in addition to managing the Church itself.
Large amounts of skepticism arose as people began to rely more on scientific thought than their faith.
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