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No description

Lance Dittrich

on 4 April 2011

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Transcript of Iraq

Iraq This is Nouri-al Malaki he has been in office since May,20,2006.Iraq has a Federal parliamentary republic. Iraq is bordered by Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan,Turkey,and Syria. This is the Iraq flag , the arabic in the flag means "God is greater" In Iraq the traditional clothing for men is a dishdasha a loose fitting shirt, a scarf is some times worn over there head. Arab women wear a hijab, that covers there hair and body. Recently , western clothing has become popular, and traditional clothing is being abandoned. Iraq has many ancient ruins,including some of the ancient Sumerians. Noor Sabri is the goalkeeper for Iraq's soccer team.During the AFC Asian Cup in 2007 he only allowed two goals. His team won a title in the cup. Iraq food goes back to the ancient Sumerians.The first cook book in the world was made in Iraq. Meals in Iraq start with salads called mezza,then they have there main course. In classical Iraqi music poetry is expressed in the words.Baghdad Court is a well known group,in the country. Since the war has begun, Iraqi extremists have targeted muscians ,and some music halls have closed. In Iraq 97% of people are muslims. The other 3 percent are christians. Most christians have relocated into Syria. Iraq has many historical sights for muslims,many make pilgrimages there.
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