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Unicube Shippers

No description

Tara Rafi

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Unicube Shippers

Thin is the new in.
Our revolutionary box is only
3 cm thin
, providing easy light weight access for all our customers.

Legendary design. Legendary quality.
Our shipping box is made with the best quality material possible, to ensure our customers a safe and secure packaging.
No need to freak. Safe shipping guaranteed.
Because of our secure newspaper filling, we guarantee no movement of the product inside, allowing clients to feel worry free about their products.
Unicube Shippers
Simple. Reliable. Smart.
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
~ Leonardo DaVinci

Behind the scenes: Making of the box
Ideas, ideas, ideas....
The Net
The Folding...
19.5 cm
4 cm
8 cm
20 cm
3 cm
6 cm
Fold here
Fold here
Fold here
Fold here
Fold here
Volume and Surface Area
= LxWxH= 20cmx3cmx6cm= 360cm = 3.6 m
Surface Area
Area 1: LXW= 6x20 = 120cm=1.2m=1200mm
Area 2: LXW= 6x20 = 120cm=1.2m=1200mm
Area 3: LXW= 3x20 = 60cm=0.6m=600mm
Area 4: LXW= 3x20 = 60cm=0.6m=600mm
Area 5: LXW= 6x3 = 18cm=0.18m=180mm
Area 6: LXW= 6x3 = 18cm=0.18m=180mm

120cm+120cm+60cm+60cm+18cm+18cm = 396cm
= 3600 mm
= 3.96 m
= 39600 mm
How many of our boxes can fit into the shipping container?
Why is our box the best?
The Unicube Shippers are practical.
Complicated boxes will give the loaders a hard time to stack, resulting in more labor costs =
Unusual deigns on how to put the boxes in the shipping container can take a lot of time for loaders to do manually
Our box is simple and easy to stack, giving loaders an easy time =
The Unicube Box is so secure, no damage can be done to it. We invested much money to the safety of the box, so we don't lose money later

24 cents, too much?
Think again.
- Invested money into how secure the box is
- Does not have loose flaps, objects moving inside etc.
- Could lose hundreds of dollars when products are damaged, way more money than how much money we spent
- No Eco Penalty, so our box is 100% eco - friendly

Taping and Wrapping
The Total Cost
5 cm of tape = $0.02 x 5 =
1 piece of tag board =
1 sheet of newspaper =
= $0.24 per box
- Used 25 cm of tape
- Put small pieces on each corner to put together
- Cut small slit on the top face so it can open, taped that down
- Wrapped straws in newspaper, put together with small piece of tape
- Wrapped the three rings up with newspaper, taped together and secured down on the surface
- Put leftover tag board on the base
- Put leftover newspaper on top of tag board
Volume of our box = 360cm
Volume of container (LxWxH) in metres = 2.5m x 6m x 2.5m = 37.5m
= 1000000 cm
Therefore, 37.5m
= 37500000 cm
Mathematically, the container can fit 37500000 / 360 = 104166.66 boxes
Lengthwise = 30 boxes
Widthwise = 83 boxes
Heightwise = 41 boxes
Therefore, 30 x 83 x 41 = 102090 boxes can fit
Volume of container (LxWxH) in cm = 250cm x 600cm x 250cm = 37500000 cm
1m = 100cm
0.24 x 102090 = 2450.16
2450.16 + 1800 = 4250.16
So the total cost of the entire shipping container
" The only way to the top, is by persistence, intelligence and hard work."
~ A.T. Mercier
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