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Dragon Pres.

No description

Dmitri Fearthian

on 22 March 2013

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Transcript of Dragon Pres.

By Vladimir Mlotschek Grade 7 Dragon Characteristics From Mythology
Around The World Big Think
Question Descriptions Of Dragons Descriptions of
Dragons Is there an animal that can be considered
a dragon today, based on a dragon's characteristics? European/Western Dragons European/Western Dragons About Where They Live, And
What They Do Asian Dragon European/Western Dragon First, we need to learn about different dragons, and their characteristics. Descriptions
of Dragons Asian Dragon Asian Dragons OPTION:Animal That May Be A Euro. Click Animal that may be a European Dragon Why? serpentine creature with 2 pairs of lizard-type legs leathery bat like wings, sometimes feathered Thank You For Watching! huge, fire-breathing creatures scaly horned, lizard like creatures long muscular tail spikes on the body, made of ivory coloured red, green, black, rarely gold European/Western Dragons live in underground caves, lairs, or rivers rarely fly, yet have wings that are capable of being used attacks villages, or towns 13-17 feet tall at the shoulder, and 45 feet long eats large herbivores and dislikes human meat lays blue/purple eggs live for over 400 years associated with water, but more likely to bring destructive floods Animal that may be a European
Dragon Bibliography - Websites Asian Dragons About Where They Live, and
What They Do Animal that may be an Asian Dragon Let's talk about this picture. Let's talk about this picture. The Nine Major Chinese
Dragons A European Dragon Myth Chinese Alligator Why? Bibliography - Books and Other Wikipedia
Date Created: ?
Date Updated: Dec 27th, 2012
Date Visited: Jan 8th, 2013
Address: http://goo.gl/wqkB Descriptions Of
Dragons long, serpentine creatures have scales have four legs with claws Claws and What They Mean In the Zhou dynasty, Chinese dragons with 5 claws
were sons of heaven.
4 claws meant they were nobles
3 meant they were ministers Qin Dynasty:
5 claws- representative of emperor
4&3 claws- representatives of commoners has a long body ( can grow up to 7 feet)

has four legs with claws

are completely encased in scales

live in watery places Wikipedia
European Dragon
Date Created: ?
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Address: http://goo.gl/oQEmo Wikipedia
Chinese Dragon
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Chinese Dragons
The White Goddess
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European Dragon (Dragonology)
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Top 10 Beasts and Dragons: How Reality Made Myth
Live Science
Date Created: March 1st, 2011
Date Updated: ?
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Address: http://goo.gl/M78bp The Horned Dragon (Qiulong)
mightiest dragon
has amazing power The Winged Dragon
only Chinese dragon that has wings
Yinglong The Celestial Dragon
T'ien Lung
lives in the sky
guards and makes sure the gods
stay in the sky The Spiritual Dragon
generates rain and water for mankind
Shen-long The Underworld Dragon
guards hidden treasure or concealed
wealth Saint George and the Dragon St. George travelled for months until he reached Libya
he rested at the hermit's house, then left for the town and dragon
dragon rushed from it's cave - immense head, 50 foot long tail & is venomous
dragon's scales were too hard, & spear broke into many pieces - George fell off of his horse
after a few minutes he was ready to fight again
refreshed himself under the tree, then stabbed the dragon under the wing where there was no scales met a hermit that told of the dragon eating all of the young girls - the princess is left
passed by the princess on the way to the town (name is Sabra), and told her to return to the palace
St. George struck the dragon with his spear
he rolled under an enchanted orange tree, where the dragon couldn't hurt him, and healed up
he hit the dragon with his sword - dragon then poured poison on him which split his armour in two
dragon fell dead at his feet Why? can grow to 10 feet long
can run as fast as a dog for short strides
hunts live prey
thick, muscled tail
strong bite
inhabits the islands of Lesser Sunda (in Indonesia), Komodo, Montang, Rinca, & Flores
sharp claws, & serrated, shark-like claws
"poisons" the animals it bites with the bacteria of the mouth entering the wound
BAD POINT - the europeans didn't discover them until 1910 Komodo Dragon Megalonia Prisca stackier and shorter than Komodo, but is larger
grows to lengths of 30 feet
weighed nearly 1000 lbs (largest lizard world has seen)
roamed the Australian wilderness during the last Ice Age
can ambush animals 2X it's size and 10X it's weight
kills with curved, serrated teeth and large claws dragons sleep at the bottom of pools in winter
even though some dragons are imperial, they are not confined to the palace
live in deep, remote mountain lakes or the bottom of the sea
they are weather lords (sea or river god)
yield life & bestows life through the form of the seasons (water from rain, warmth from sun, wind from seas & soil from earth)
brings upon the essence of life through it's breath
can ward off evil spirits, protect innocent, and bestow safety to anyone who holds his emblem Asian Dragons What They Can Do cont. in spring they rise up in the form of rain clouds

storms caused by dragons fighting in the air

floods caused by fighting in water

often associated with lakes, rivers, rain, etc. have whiskers lay eggs Mandy Barrow
The Legend of Saint George and the Dragon
Project Britain - British Life and Culture
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Address: http://goo.gl/beh5U Song Nan Zhang & Hao Yu Zhang
A Time of Golden Dragons
Tundra Books
481 University Ave., Toronto, ON Judy Allen (Foreword by Jonathan Stroud)
Fantasy Encyclopedia: A Guide to Fabulous Beasts and Magical Beings - From Elves and Dragons to Vampires and Wizards
Publisher Unknown
Place of Publication Unknown (Movie) A&E : Ancient Mysteries
Dragons: Myths and Legends
Made in 1997
Publisher: A&E
Place of Publication Unknown Asian Dragons How They Are Born they lay eggs that don't hatch for 3000 years

then the baby cracks a hole in the egg, and out pops the "tiny snake"

grows to full size in minutes

then the new dragon flies up into the sky in a whirlwind

because they don't have wings, the dragons fly up using their own energy Asian Dragons Their Personality & "What They Are" many cultures did, are still are, referring to dragons as being representatives of the primal forces of nature,
the universe, and religion

divine, mythical creatures that bring ultimate abundance, prosperity, and good fortune

benevolent creatures

beautiful, friendly and wise

symbols of change, friendship and protection Asian Dragons Miscellaneous Facts loved and worshiped
regarded as the Supreme Being among all creatures
able to live in the sea, fly up to thew heavens, and coil up in the land as mountains
able to make themselves as small as a silkworm or as big as the distance from Earth to heaven The Coiling Dragon
lives in water & sad to live in the
Orient rivers
also called river dragon The Yellow Dragon
once emerged from water
gave the emperor Fu Shi the elements of writing
Huanglong The Dragon King
consists of 4 seperate dragons that rule each of the four seas
have the ability to turn human Wikipedia
Panlong (Mythology)
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Komodo Dragon
National Geographic
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Chinese Dragons
OracleThinkQuest Education Foundation
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