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Will Buster and the Gelmet Helmet

No description

Tayeb Alkozai

on 10 April 2013

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Transcript of Will Buster and the Gelmet Helmet

Main Characters Will Buster and The Gelmet Helmet Will Buster I think Will is one of the main characters because it makes it very obvious in the title. Another reason is because almost every page contains what Will did.

Some other reasons that Will is the main character is that it talks about what is mainly happening in his life and how he is getting more mature. All protagonists usually talk about the things that are happening in his life and being more mature. Professor Gelmet Professor Gelmet is also one of the main characters because the story is also based on him. He had made the helmet and used it on the students. He is the one who invited Will Buster to the Gelmet Academy.

Another reason is the big chase at the end of the book. It makes it that Alphonse Gelmet is the villain. One last thing is that villains can be main characters because they make the story more thrilling, exciting and epic. Villains are the protagonists enemy and a main character. Bartholomew Jenkins Bartholomew Jenkins is also a main character because he is also an enemy of Will Buster. He resents Will's friends and him. He is also a type of "Leader" by aggressiveness and forcing people to do something.

He is a bully and at the beginning it talks a lot about him being very rude and mean. In the end one of Will's friends punch him and he falls to the ground and is overpowered by a girl.They called him Bart Simpson instead of saying Bartholomew Jenkins because it is to long. In the end he is no leader at all just a regular bully with no respect and qualities of a leader just selfish and rude. He was meant to be a leader that scares and makes people do their jobs and dirty work. Bennet the Rodog Bennet is one of the most important main characters in this whole book. Whenever Will and Stanley are in the room he will always come out of the shoe drawer to lick Will's face or talk with the friends.

Bennet always comes whenever they go somewhere by the hoverpod. Bennet will always come to help them no matter what. He is the dog that helps Will and his friends get Myron Dort and rescue the other people by using his super speed and biting skills to hurt the supervisors at the Gelmet institute. He is the one who lets Will to talk to his friend.

When they come back from the institute professor Gelmet talks them to his office to talk to them and congratulate them for passing the test. he then says how Will is a very good leader and wants him to become the best leader there is. Then when they are going to the staduriam they go down the flight of stairs and Bennet keeps off all the people trying to capture them. Then he gets smashed to pieces but Stanley puts him back together. Mr Krantz Mr Krantz is also a main character because whenever a leader gets expelled he has a conversation with Will. He mostly says that Will should not throw away his opportunity by saving who got expelled.

Mr Krantz is also the house keeper and a companion with Will. He accidentally made Will go to the old teachers. Then Will and his friends go to the Gelmet institute and find will's old friend. Mr Krantz was also kidnapped by Alphonse Gelmet to make Will to rebel against him but Mr Krantz then gets found in professor's office. Stanley Prouse My favorite character is Stanley Prouse. He is my favorite because he programs and invents mechanisms. He was chosen for the Gelmet Academy because he can invent and program robots.

Stanley lives with robots more than humans. He is not the person you want to get advice from. Stanley is super smart and is a mini engineer. He can unlock any code with the most simplest tricks he knows. Stanley can program anything that is electronic. For example he programmed Bennet to talk, have super speed and biting skills. He also has a RoRose that opens at morning and closes at sunset. Stanley knows about alot of the things from the twenty first century even though they are living in the twenty second century. References https://images.bookworld.com.au/images/bau/97801433/9780143302834/0/0/plain/will-buster-and-the-gelmet-helmet.jpg http://www.dennisholmesdesigns.com/siteimages/albert_einstein_professor.png 1. 2. http://images.clipartof.com/small/441287-Royalty-Free-RF-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Cartoon-Mean-Bully-Boy-Walking.jpg 3. http://www.searchamateur.com/pictures/robot-dog-2.jpg 4. 5. http://images.clipartof.com/small/1048780-Royalty-Free-RF-Clip-Art-Illustration-Of-A-Cartoon-Janitor-Using-A-Push-Broom.jpg Reference Continued 6. http://jewishworldreview.com/images/smart_kid_cover.jpg 7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3JyA3JmdS0 Youtube music Stanley Will Professor Gelmet Bartholomew Bennet Mr Krantz
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