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TNO Employee Engagement Brainstorming Session

Part of Employee Engagement for Al Jazeera Network

Noor Khodari

on 21 September 2015

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Transcript of TNO Employee Engagement Brainstorming Session

Must Do's
Employee Engagement Ideas
Personal Enrichment
Offer half an hour a day for staff to work on something they're passionate about during the day.
Activate the Appreciation Letter from High Management to staff
Send appreciation letters to staff for tasks they are high-performers in
Offer Thank you Cards with Value
Management to provide Thank you cards linked to offering free hours off for staff that can be collected totally and used when necessary for leaves.
My Team
A project based on interviewing on a monthly basis a team from T&O staff asking them about their major tasks and mottos to be published with their photo.
TNO Green Day
Create a "Green Day" atmosphere for T&O to dress green and eat green.
Wish List
Employee Engagement Ideas

Motivational Speaker
Management Intro Video/ED Q/A
Work Environment Setting
Schedule a Monthly Art Class

Ready to Go
T&O Blast Day
T&O Get-together Networking Breakfasts
TNO Employee Engagement Brainstorming Session
Culture Day
Organize a day to wear cultural dress to represent a country
Make a plan to move employees to safe and clean environment setting.
Get a motivational speaker every 3 months.
Record videos for Directors talking about their responsibilities and providing an introduction of themselves briefly to be published on our internal portal.
Employee Engagement Newsletter
Design a newsletter for Employee Engagement to be shared with all T&O on a monthly basis that takes about EE activities
Set aside a workday to be devoted to bringing in a private instructor that can teach staff how to
paint,draw, or embrace another visual medium for creativity and stress relief.
Competition & Mic Day
A day organized by EEC for all T&O to showcase a talent, speak up, standup comedy piece, etc...

T&O Nursery
Contract with a well-reputed nursery and set a nursery for children from birth to 3 years old allocated for Al Jazeera women staff.
Nour Al Khudary
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