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Developing as a DMin Director

No description

Barbara Mutch

on 4 April 2016

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Transcript of Developing as a DMin Director

Developing as a DMin Director
Development: inherent to the
the DMin program,
the Director

Metaphors of growth
A promise to grow
Continual growth
And Jesus grew
in wisdom and in stature
Luke 2:52
Let us go on to maturity...
Heb. 6:1
But speaking the truth in love,
we must grow up in every way into him who is the head,
into Christ

to your faith... NIV
on what you've been given...
The Message
And we read...
your faith with goodness... NRSV
"conversatio morum"
the commitment to become
a completely new person
as inherent to the
DMin degree
: higher-order content & skills
to enhance min.practice
advanced understanding
enhanced competencies
new knowledge
continued growth
mature conduct
advanced competency
growth in ministerial capacity
advanced-level study
Advanced Enhanced
Mature Integration
What does it mean to do advanced work?
In one full year of study?
Uniform standard?
personal advancement only?
How do you distinguish between MDiv & DMin?
How are you ensuring quality of admissions?
What are you doing to measure quality of projects?
How are you approaching the question of "integration"
in your program?
Integration: to combine a thing with something else so that it becomes whole;
overcome policies of segregation
Issue: A lack of integration between theological and theoretical analysis,
with the theological reflection piece seeming "tacked on"
- 1987 Jackson/Wheeler DMin study
Development as Invitation to the DMin Director
Vocational/Programmatic Tensions:
number and variety of tasks
: recruit, admit, advise, counsel, teach, supervise projects, orient students, oversee adjuncts, oversee programs & students in academic distress, keep records, design publicity
conflicting roles
: recruit/admit; counsel/monitor; personal support/program penalty

In the program and in yourself -
What are you cooking and what will nourish?
What are you building and what will support?
What are you planting and what will grow?
Read. Think. Write. Talk and listen.
What are you reading?
DMin Supervision as
Begin the relationship story
Frame questions as countries to explore
Meet/talk regularly w/ students
Set clear timelines
Establish pace
Help students write
Be a responsive, responsible resource person
Steward the project quality
Sustain the story
Jean Clandenin, U of Alberta
For this very reason,
you must make every effort
to support your faith with goodness,
and goodness with knowledge,
and knowledge with self-control,
and self-control with endurance,
and endurance with godliness,
and godliness with mutual affection,
and mutual affection with love.
II Peter 1:5
Development as inherent to the life of the Christ-follower
What are you talking about at your shop?
What experiments are you trying?
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