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kat pettitt

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Our simple machine: The Screw
A Screw is
Something that we use to hold things together. It is very useful and quit handy. When things go wrong and/or break you can just get a screw and a screwdriver and fix it up.

How a Screw works is..
the threads of the screw act somewhat like an incline plain. as the threads of the screw turn, they make an output force,
pulling the screw into the wood (or any other surface you're screwing the screw into)
The mechanical advantage of a crew explained is...
Ma=Mechanical Advantage
D=diameter of Screw
T=Lead of Thread

MA = pi * D
Made by: Katlin P.
Kytiana M.
& Kayla B.

The End
These are different types of screws

a screws radius is 5, and the lead of it is 6. what is the mechanical advantage of the screw?
remember: pi times the diamator devided by the lead equals the mechanical advantage
the answer is 5.23
a real word example is a phillips screw
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