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US History 2.1.2 - Spain's Empire in the Americas

USH 2.1.2


on 22 January 2014

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Transcript of US History 2.1.2 - Spain's Empire in the Americas

Chapter 2.1 Part 2 Notes
Spain's Empire in the Americas
To summarize reasons Native Americans in the northern borderlands resisted the Spanish.
African Slaves
Gold and silver from Spanish conquests being carried across the Atlantic
Many more Spanish explorers establish colonies in the Americas
Cortes also conquered the Maya in Central America
Pizarro conquered the Incas in South America
Spain Enters a Golden Age
Other European nations struggle to match Spain's power
Spain has huge overseas empire
Stretches from Mexico, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean
Feared European nations would push north and conquer the Americas
Spain establish colonies in the southeastern and southwestern parts of what is today the US
Exploring Southwest
1540 Coronado explored what is now Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas
Looked for wealth and failed
Those that followed searched for silver and wanted to spread the Catholic religion
Disease struck natives in this area
Priests put natives in congregaciones- large communities where they sought to convert the natives
Exploring Florida
1513- Juan Ponce de Leon
Searched for gold and the fountain of youth
battled local residents, disease, starvation
1562- abandoned the region
French soon entered the area and Spain changed its mind
Drove out the French and established St. Augustine post in Florida
Fort suffered many attacks
Found little gold, but many people to convert
Colonized the southwest area
Priests not only converted, but taught natives the Spanish way of life
Called the area New Mexico
How did Spain's colonies in New Mexico differ from its colonies in New Spain?
New Mexico was less rich in gold and silver
More concerned with spreading Catholic religion among the natives
How did Spanish control these colonies?
Imported Spanish settlers to live with natives and impose their culture
Encomienda System
Forced labor and military force
Resistance to the Spanish
Some natives rebelled against the Spaniards' attempts to transform their lives and beliefs
In response:
Spanish priests burned objects that native communities held sacred
Suppressed ceremonial dances and rituals
Pope's Rebellion
Pope- Pueblo religious leader
Priests punished him for his worship practices (witchcraft)
Pope's Rebellion- well organized uprisings against Spanish
Destroyed churches, executed priests and drove Spaniards back to New Spain (14 years)
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