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Differentiating Instruction for Special Education Students i

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Gina Solano

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Differentiating Instruction for Special Education Students i

Differentiating Instruction for Special Education Students in a General Education Classroom
Your task: Create a Glog poster!


Special Education students can be successful in a general education setting when they are challenged at their appropriate levels and are presented with instruction that is comprehensible.
Teachers should not be afraid to act as "facilitators."
How many of your recent assignments required everyone in the class to arrive at the same answer?
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
What is Differentiation?
It is a method of teaching and designing student learning experiences that are meaningful for all students with different learning styles at different academic levels.
Ongoing, Formative Assessment
Recognition of Diverse Learners
Question: How can you specifically provide meaningful instruction for special education students in a general education classroom?
Technology Strategies for All types of Assessments
Technology Can Help!
SMART Board quizzes & clickers

by Dr. Gina Shelley
Product: Offers Choice
Get to Know your Students
Creating a safe classroom environment
Discover students' learning styles & preferences
Review their standardized test scores
Find out what their interests and talents are
Provide activities to allow your students to get to know one another
Content: Designing the Curriculum and Lessons
Backward by Design/UDL Framework: Design with the objectives and assessments in mind!
Making sure your lessons and activities are preparing students for how they will be assessed.
Create an Assessment Plan for each unit
Map out your unit.
Make adjustments for Special Education/ESL needs before hand.
Prepare lessons that utilize multiple strategies and are delivered through multiple methods
Pretest, poll, questionnaire, survey, class discussion, etc.
Ongoing, Formative assessment:
Classwork, homework, running records, portfolios
Partner work, presentations, creative activities, projects
Activating schema
Building background knowledge
Recognize differences in students
Teach tolerance
Preparing the Students
Special Education Considerations
Students in special education programs have to be identified as having at lease one of the following disabilities:
mental retardation
hearing impairments
speech or language impairments
visual impairments
emotional/behavioral disorders
orthopedic impairments
traumatic brain injury
health impairments
specific learning disabilities
Question: Does a teacher need to create special lessons and assignments for their special education students?
Question: Is not being able to speak English a "disability"?
Question: Does a student with ADHD automatically qualify for special education?
1. Explicitly highlight connections between important content.

2. Help learners to categorize information.

3. Link new information to what they already know.
Project-based Learning
Group Work
Homework Choices
Choose own topics
Choose the type of project
"While a few students with disabilities present very unique learning needs,
they are by far the exception. Most students who are identified for special education share similar learning characteristics, difficulties with memory retention and retrieval, strategy use, vocabulary development, and
language coding. As students transition to the middle level, the need to address these areas of difficulty grow increasingly important. By carefully designing instruction of priority areas supported by scaffolds and ample
practice and review, we can maximize student understanding. In addition, by differentiating instruction in terms of the pace of newly introduced material, frequent monitoring of student progress, and flexible grouping, the
majority of students with disabilities can access the general education curriculum meaningfully and maintain their knowledge and skills."
- Dr. David J. Chard
Learn about your students:
Online interest surveys
Online reading & math assessments
Online writing assessments
What are the typical struggles of
special education students in the general education classroom?
Assistive Technology
Google Surveys
Poll Everywhere
National Center for Learning Disabilities
Key Words

Select a topic
Technology Tools for ADHD Students
Technology Tools for Mild/Moderate Disabilities
Assistive Technology Tools for Special Education
Technology Tools to Improve Reading & Writing
Technology Resources to Improve Math

Open the link in your email for edu.glogster.com.

Select a student account.

Create a Glog with the following criteria:
- Select a colorful wallpaper
- Title of your Glog in the top, center
- 3-4 pictures of the technology tools you discovered
- A text box with a brief explanation for each technology
- 2-4 graphics to decorate your Glog
- Optional: A video that showcases one of your technologies
- Optional: a hyperlink to a website with more information about your topic

Share your Glog with two students who have a different topic than you.
Process: How you teach the material
Visual: videos, images, etc.
Active Learning
Multiple Intelligences
Comprehensible Input
Graphic Organizers
Reading Strategies
Challenging Curriculum
Technology that Supports Content Differentiation for Special Education
Technology that supports Process Differentiation for Special Education
Technology that supports Product Differentiation for Special Education
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