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by Evelyn Bench

No description

Evelyn Bench

on 12 December 2014

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Transcript of by Evelyn Bench

Xuē Xīnrán
The Author was born in Beijing (1958)
Got her Education at the First Military University of People's Liberation Army
Born to a wealthy family
She was raised by her Grandparents since her parents her imprisoned during the cultural revolution.
Xuē Xīnrán
She has had many jobs revolving around media:
radio presenter
Shes passionate about Education
Helping others - especially women of chinese decent
Shes an advocate and represents the women and children of China
She feels that a lot of these people are underprivileged and need people to stand up for them.
Xuē Xīnrán
Xuē Xīnrán
Has written 6 books which have been translated into 30 languages
Miss Chopsticks
Sky Burial
The Good Women of China
China Witness
Message from an Unknown Chinese Women
What the Chinese Don't Eat
All books are about chinese women and their struggles in China and how they overcome them.
About the Author
by Evelyn Bench
Xuē Xīnrán
since she has such a strong connection to the cultural revolution in China and since she is a chinese women who grew up in the 1950's her books show a lot of feminism and strive to empower women who read her books.
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