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Copy of Angry Birds - Free Prezi Template

Complete Prezi template of angry birds. Add you text or images to any place of the level. Add extra information to the level complete screen that fades in with an animation. Note: the elements like boxes and rocks are not flash elements

Mike Horgan

on 20 April 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Angry Birds - Free Prezi Template

Impact of 3D Printing and Related Statistics
1. Cheap manufacturing
A study led by Joshua Pearce, an associate professor at Michigan Technological University, shows that a home 3D printer can save the average home up to $2,000 per year.
Up to 70 percent of companies’ manufacturing cost can be saved by utilizing 3D printing technologies.

2. Quick production
BMW has saved 58% in costs and 92% in time by manufacturing its parts with Stratasys, which is one of the world's largest 3D printer manufacturers.

3. Less energy
Prof Pearce's study also shows that using a 3D printer to make an item consumed about 41 to 64 percent less energy than making it in a factory.

Level Complete!

What's Driving the 3D Printing Industry?
2. US Continues to be the Largest 3D Printing Market

1) Use extremely large quantities of energy
2) Air pollution (possible health risks if used domestically)
3) Reliance on plastic
4) Possibility of creating weapons
undetectable for security
not licensed weapon
5) possible drug printing
6) May not be safe for food utensils
7) Intellectual property rights concerns

Benefits in Medicine
Creation of physical object from 3D model
Uses layers of various materials, usually plastics
What is 3D Printing?
3D Printing Timeline
Created in 1984 by Charles W. Hull (~$20,000)
With technology, prices dropped drastically (~$1,000)
Today, M3D has created a 3D printer for consumer use ($299)
*Ship in August 2014
Use patient cells instead of plastic
Eliminates risk of rejection
Drastically decreases wait time for transplant
Consumer autonomy
RepRap - the machine that builds itself

Projected to bring an end to complex supply chains
Reduce manufacturing costs by 23% within 10 years
Brings possibility of niche markets (long tail concept)
Greatly decreases time of design and manufacturing cycles
Can create identical and completely functional copies of almost any manufactured products

The technology is already widely used to make jewelry and other fashion items, in dental laboratories to produce crowns, bridges and implants, as well as in the production of hearing aids and prostheses, offering patients a perfect fit. 3-D printing is particularly suited to low-volume, short production runs offering companies a more flexible, cost-effective and speedy alternative to traditional mass production methods.
The technology is also being used to make complex parts for the electronics, automotive and aerospace industries. Major car manufacturers, such as GM, Jaguar Land Rover and Audi, have been 3-D printing auto parts for a number of years. Leading aircraft manufacturers Airbus (part of the European aerospace and defense group, (EADS)) and Boeing are using it to improve the performance of their aircraft and reduce maintenance and fuel costs. Boeing uses 3-D printing to produce environmental control ducting (ECD) for its 787 aircraft.

NASA engineers are 3-D printing parts, which are structurally stronger and more reliable than conventionally crafted parts, for its space launch system. The Mars Rover comprises some 70 3-D-printed custom parts.

3D Systems Corporation
Business Applications as a Technology Driver
1. Market value for 3D printing keeps growing rapidly

Recently, thieves 3D printed an ATM scanner and stole $400,000 before being caught
Man 3D printed handcuff keys that were proven to work
Paramount studios took legal action against a person who made a toy design based off of one of their movies
Possibility of using bioprinting to super enhance human abilities (cyborg like genetic modification)

Manufacturing Corporations
Able to make highly customizable products with no inventory costs
Ford prototype
One of the biggest supporters of 3D Printing
Weight conservation in aircraft and spacecraft
"Space Food" - $125,000 grant to create 3D printed pizza
3. Medical & Dental market maintains fastest growth
Austrian biophysicist able to make a customizable hearing aid at 1/5 of market price
3D Printing and Manufacturing
Current applications:
Negative Aspects of 3D Printing:
Most Recent Developments in 3D Printing
Edinburgh, Scotland start-up
3D Printed Ski Boots using cell phone pictures
New boots or $40 insole
Computer-aided design (CAD) + printer
customizable, high-end jewelry delivered to your door in 3-4 days
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