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There are three different types of fungi so here we go !

Tiffany Walls

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Fungi

Fungi 3 major types phlyum zygomacota
bread mold is one type
2 types of hyphae
has asexual and sexual cycles

phylum asomycota
largest phylum
include yeats
has special structure called ascus
also undergo asexual reproduction through budding Phylum Basidiomycota
resembles a club
or umbrella
mushroom gills are lined in the cap of the mushroom
some are edible some are poisonous MOLD
Most common (bread mold)
4 differnt kinds
phylum bryphota
phlyum heptipicophta
phlyum anthocerophyta

Flowering Plants Ferns
phlyum lyphcophta
phlyuim anthrophyta
phlyum pterophyta Cone-Bearing
phylum gnetophyta
phylum ginkgophya Flowering Plants
phlyum anthophyta
bryphota heptipicophta anthocerophyta anthophyta pterophyta ginkgphya Animal Kingdom
The(9) types phylum porifea
phylum cnidarian
phylum platyhelminthes
phylum nernatoda
phylum annelida
phylum mollusca
phylum anthropata
phylum echinodermata
phylum chordata Sponges (pylum porifea)
multicellular ; pore beares
Jellyfishes (pylum cnidarian
carniverous animals ; live in water Flat Worms (phylum platyhelminthes)
parasites, no gills, hearts,lungs Round worms (phylum nematoda)
free living, found in every plant or animal
Earth Worms(phylum Annelida)
breath through skin; and they are good for crops Snails/ Slugs( phylum mollusca)
Insects(phylum anthropata)
exoskeleton made of chiten
leathery Starfish(phylum enhinodermata
live in the sea
Lions(phylum chordata)
mammals, internal organs
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