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The Pomodoro

No description

Mark Berry

on 21 November 2014

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Transcript of The Pomodoro

Do you find that your productivity fluctuates from one day to the next?
But! other days just drag and,
no matter how many hours
you put in, you just can't seem
to get things done.
Some days, you fly through your tasks in no time.

It's a common misconception that long hours and busy days
add up to high productivity. Studies show that being tethered
to you desk for long hours actually reduces your productivity.
Sitting at your desk for a long
time can be detrimental to
your health!

live like someone left the gate open!
Francesco Cirillo
Francesco developed the Pomodoro Technique in the 1980's, and created a book of the same name.
Click here..
Did you know?...
The Pomodoro Technique
Pomodoro is Italian for tomato
How Does It Work?
The technique works by you structuring your work or tasks in to 25 minute sessions.
Then, every 25 minutes you take a small break of 5 minutes before starting again.

Every 25 minute session is one 'Pomodoro'

And every time you complete four 'Pomodoro', take a longer break to rest and recharge, say 20 minutes.
At first this may seem counter-intuitive to take so many breaks throughout the day
But doing this can actually enhance your focus when you
return to the task you are working on.
did you know...
Cirillo took the name from the tomato-shaped kitchen timer he used to manage his time!
So! what are
the benefits?

Increase your focus
Eliminate burnout
Create a better work/life balance
Save time in the long run

There are 5 steps to follow when using the Pomodoro Technique
Step 1
Create a To-Do List and estimate how long each task should take in terms of the number of pomodoro (25 minute sessions)

Step 2
Set your timer! before you start, make sure you have everything you need to begin your task.

Step 3
Work on your task and only your task! Devote all of your attention to the task in hand for the duration of the session. Dont allow yourself to become distracted.
Step 4
When your timer goes off, take a break! even if you are in 'your flow'

Step 5
When your break is over, reset your timer for the next pomodori! and when you have completed four, take a 20 minute break.

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