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Facebook Advertising

No description

Mac Mahaffee

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of Facebook Advertising


Boosted/promoted posts
Ellen Boynton KGW & Kara McFarland WBIR
Page like campaigns
Chad Graham KPNX
App install ads
Mac Mahaffee WKYC
Dark Posts
Ian Hill KXTV
Page Like Campaigns
While total page likes are not the most important engagement metric, they are still an important tactic, especially if you are try to reach new, highly targeted audience who may rarely or ever watch local TV or use your mobile/desktop platforms.
Drive downloads of your app directly from a Facebook user's news feed.
A dark post is an ad that appears in the news feeds of users who do not like your page. You can set an audience for a dark post that is based on users’ demographics, location or interest. This allows you to target your dark post to your competitors’ fans.
Boosted Posts
Directly from your page
- When you quickly want to bump a post that just went live or take advantage of a post that's gaining traction and you want to keep the momentum going.
- Your targeting and campaign life are limited.
What tactic to choose and when to use it.
Boosting is for giving a post a greater reach than what it would achieve organically or targeting one to a very specific audience.
There are two ways to do this...
In the Ads Manager
When you want to target an existing post to a specific audience and set a specific duration
KGW - Hands on CPR
KGW - Food Stamps
KGW - Robo Calls
WBIR - Shop Smart Week
• POST CONTENT: “How do you resist the urge to splurge? We want to hear your budget savvy tips and tricks! It’s Shopping Smart Week, all this week on 10News Today starting at 6am”
o Link to video posted (we did a direct upload, not a link): https://wbir-1.wistia.com/medias/52lyrriirz
• VIEWS: 98,349
• REACHED: 302,592 People reached
• LIKES: 94
• BUY: $800 spent over 1 week
• TARGETING: Friends/friends of friends targeted
• Test your ad, adjust and repeat. Audiences respond to different images and calls to action.

• It is possible to define your targeted audience too narrowly. Strike a balance between specific and broad.

• If needed, change the ad spend.

• No hard evidence to back this up, but it seems a bit better to run a long-term campaign (3-6 months) spending a low amount $10-$15 per day to provide a boost to organic page growth. It might be worth testing this strategy to see if it works in your market.

During May sweeps, 12 News tested seven different kinds of promoted page ads. Message call-to-actions and images were different. Some focused on the brand promise. Others focused on Arizona pride. The best performing ad in terms of page likes (2,442) and cost/like ($0.33) was an image of the Grand Canyon with the simple message “We love you, Arizona.”
Results of a $500 spend(5 ads):
Audience: iPhone users,
DMA, A18 - 65
Reach: 132,271
Clicks: 1,233
AVG CTR: .418%
AVG CPC: $.45
Run campaigns when there's an incentive or a need, think severe weather or breaking news, for viewers to download.
Monitor results constantly and don't be afraid to pause under-performing ads.
Emphasize that the app is FREE
Special thanks:
Mac Mahaffee
Director, Digital Media Marketing/Manager, On-Air Promotion
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