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People: Are They Stupid

No description

Alexis Whitmore

on 18 April 2014

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Transcript of People: Are They Stupid

Why People are not stupid (sometimes)
Let's focus on the third part of the triangle, which is Love and Acceptance. If it is required for people to be loved and accepted in order to reach the highest point on the triangle, then this can probably explain why people do what they do, or why people do dumb stuff.
Core Motive
So...the core motive for everything we do as a human race is the same: the reason why we tease, murder, give in to peer pressure to do drugs, fight, try to get attention, and just do dumb things is for one reason, and that reason is to be loved and accepted and to know it and feel it. It's in our blood and genetic coding to love and be loved. Now, there may be a smart-a$$ out there who will say what everyone else is thinking, which is: "This is a load of Hippie bologna, laced with weed of course (pronounced BO-LOG-NUH)." He may be right, based on the "hippie-ish" background of this presentation. But let me leave you with this: Why would anybody say something so unkind about someone's work? Well...
Typical Stupid Person
Socrates asks WHY?
There's once was a philosopher names Socrates, and he was VERY wise. People went to him for advice. Now, the strange part is he would give his advice by asking them questions. He would always ask "WHY?" or he would just ask them a question about their thinking. He did this to help the person think for themselves.
So, our question is: why do people do dumb stuff, like murder, rumors/bullying/start drama, alcohol/drugs (although there is a belief that marijuana can cure cancer, but that's off topic....), self harm, and just anything that is "not right?"
Well, it starts off by asking why.
Digging Deeper
Example of Motives
A girl bullies/teases another girl on purpose: WHY?
It can be multiple things: either she's a jealous *itch (hint: the * letter is a "W") OR she wants to look cool (Note: this is usually as deep as we will go to figure out why the crap she's so mean?)
why she wants to look cool: to impress her friends and peers and possibly help herself feel better
Why she wants to impress: to fit in
why she wants to fit in: to BE LOVED AND ACCEPTED!!!
Pyramid of Needs
Just like Mr. W says that our government could be compared to a triangle, human needs and human desires can be represented on a pyramid too.
Think of some people you know that are stupid, or have done dumb things (examples include: Obama = Stupid, Bill Clinton=done dumb things)
Why do you pick that person/why did you think of that person?
We can compare asking why to digging a hole in the Earth:
each layer equals an answer to why someone acted out
the more we ask why, the closer we get to the CORE MOTIVE
in most humans, the core motive is the same for EVERYONE
so technically, we all want the same thing but how we get what we want is what defines us as either "STUPID and MEAN" or "Smart and considerate"
He wants to look cool or be funny. Why?
Because he wants to impress his peers. Why?
Because he wants to fit in. Why?
Because...he wants to be loved and accepted.
Ask yourself this question each day, and I can tell you, the motive will always be Love and Acceptance.


I Want Your SOUL
Look here
And the biggest accomplishment of all is not to be accepted by others, but to be able to accept yourself! Just like trying to focus on this image, we need to try to focus on ourselves too
Take this as an example: I do dumb things too, like putting in this pointless video of someone dumb just to make you laugh...
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