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Nike Prezi

No description

Hailey Wipfli

on 27 January 2017

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Transcript of Nike Prezi

Nike Information
One Bowerman Drive
City, State, Zip:
Beaverton, OR 97005
Phone number:


Ticker symbol:
Trades on:
Competition View
Finance Information
Total Revenues for Nike
-$ 32,376 Billion in 2016
-$ 30,601 Billion in 2015
-$ 27,799 Billion in 2014
Nike Prezi
Introduction View
Hailey Wipfli
6th hour Tech HB
Business Careers
Prezi Project
History of Nike
-Founded on January 25, 1964 by
Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight

- Became Nike on May 30, 1971

- Went public In 1980's

-Nike comes from the godess

Profits Net Income
-$ 3,760 Million in 2016
-$ 3,273 Million in 2015
-$ 2,693 Million in 2014
Did you know?
-63 thousand people work
at Nike
Analysts Opinions
Major Holders of Nike
Did you know?
-Before it became Nike it was Blue Ribbon Sports
Parker Mark 1,866,235 shares
Edward Trevor 529,610 shares
Knight Philip 24,030,960 shares
Promotion Video
Nike's first commercial 1982
Twelve Analysts say NKE
Fourteen Analysts say NKE
Eight Analysts say NKE
Strong Buy

Jaunuary 2017- 36 opinons were made
Global Business
North America
South America
Asia Pacific
Middle East
What Does Nike Make?
Apparel for kids-adults
sport balls
digital devices
How Much is one Stock?
Thanks for watching my presentation
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