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Social Media is Out of Control

Informing others about information on Social Media - instructor may use for presentation purposes

Victoria Wang

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Social Media is Out of Control

Victoria Wang
Section 3 - Layla Lu
Professor Alan Belowich Social Media is Out of Control -history of social media
- examples of social media
(with statistics)
- negative effect of social media
- problem
- conclusion What to Expect - AOL
- Digg
- Facebook
- Flickr
- Friendster
- GeoCities
- Google
- LinkedIn
- MySpace
- Ping
- Second Life
- Twitter
- Wikipedia
- Wordpress
- Yahoo!
- YouTube Examples of social media Eli Pariser: Beware online "filter bubbles" Social media, helping or hurting us?
-Negative of social media- Problem Social media has come a long way through its evolution.
It has become an unconscious, daily routine.
And as social media continues to expand it has begun to predict our wants, personalizing our preferences for us.
But people are no longer keeping an open mind because they are being fed only what they want to see.
Certain issues that lack attention are pushed out of sight.
Social media is out of control and people need
to be aware of the effect of their activity online. conclusion... 1990 2010 2000 What is Social Media? "forms of electronic communication through which users create online communities to share information, ideas, personal messages, and other content" (Merriam-Webster) 1993
World Wide Web The Latest Social Media Statistics
by Socialnomics 1998
Google 2001
Wikipedia 2003
Myspace 2004
YouTube What this means... Social media is virtually accessible anywhere.
Every day more than 550 million people are on Facebook, 65 million tweets are sent, and 2 billion YouTube videos are viewed
Internet users estimated to double by 2015 with a global total of four billion users, or nearly 60% of Earth's population. Major networks like Facebook and Google have begun to tailor our query searches, moving toward a world where the internet shows us what it thinks we to see, but maybe not what we be seeing. FUTURE With these many people in a single ,
social media has a responsibility to make people aware of important issues on
a , , and even scale. By personalizing searches, peoples' bubbles are narrowed and limited - ideas cannot be spread. Social media's algorithm for what people want is . New Brunswick What can be done? community civic local state national global out of control want should Thank you
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