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Copy of MySpace LeWeb Keynote

Presentation at Le Web 09 by Mike Jones and Monica Keller.Topics: Open APIs and Real TimeFor more details visit http://developer.myspace.com

Amanda Mills

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Copy of MySpace LeWeb Keynote

What's the best way to teach the GLCE's? Amanda Alyson Denise Katie SPELLING & GRAMMAR TEST How can we teach the grammar glce's creatively? Students will be able to use complete simple
sentences beginning with a capital letter and
ending with a period, question mark, or exclamation
point and capitalize first and last names, and the pronoun I. Students will be able to use more complex complete
sentences, nouns and verbs, commas (in a series, in a letter, and with dates),
contractions, colons to denote time, and capitalization of proper nouns. Students will correctly use subjects and verbs that are in agreement;
verb tenses; nouns and possessives; commas in a series;
and begin use of quotation marks and capitalization in dialogue. Teach from your HEART "Teach the best way you know how.
Do not fall into the trap of thinking that you
must abandon the best part of your curriculum in
order to teach formulaic writing that will be of
no help to students in any situation outside of
formal assessment." Increase Students' Comfort "Because it so different from what usually happens
in the classroom, large-scale testing makes students
uncomfortable." Questionnaire How closely related are reading and writing in your classroom? The skills are intertwined however we have a brand new reading series this year which we as teachers really like. For writing we use Lucy Calkins “Units of Study “ for teaching writing. It is terrific!! Do you ever use writing workshops? Do you have writing notebooks in your classroom? If so, do you allow invented spelling? Yes – we have Writing Workshop 4 times a week!! They LOVE their writing notebooks!! They decorate the cover to reflect their interests, families, etc. and this helps with triggering writing ideas too. Yes – we allow invented spelling in writing workshop to help get their ideas down on paper. Anything that is "published" gets revised and has correct spelling. What is the most challenging part about making sure your students are learning everything they are expected to learn? Finding the time to fit it all in!!!! How important (if at all) is invented spelling? When do you allow it in your classroom? We allow students to write words on their own during writing workshop as we stress getting their ideas out on paper first. We also have our 2nd grade dictionary that each child’s keep in their desk to add words spelled correctly (by myself or a parapro) that they can refer to when needed. Students also look to our “Word Wall” that is on display in the classroom as an aid for spelling. We do not use the term”invented spelling” anymore.

Is it ever okay to tell a student how to spell a word, or do you always ask the student to sound it out? Sure – we tell a student how to spell a word expecially words like proper nouns that they can’t always find in a dictionary How do you tackle the GLCE's into your teaching while still using creativity in your lesson plans? We incorporate our creativity with hands-on projects, speakers and add artistic components whenever possible while addressing all GLCE’s.
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