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John M. Book Report Wildwood

Book report for school. 6th grade.

John McDermott

on 7 July 2013

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Transcript of John M. Book Report Wildwood

By Colin Meloy
Illustrated by Carson Ellis Point of View: This book is in the third person point of view. You can tell because the author uses names, he, she, etc, not I or me. The setting is in Wildwood. It is during winter. Part of the novel also takes place in Prue's hometown, which is called Saint John's. The First main character: Prue
Traits: Daring, truthful
"Bye, Dad. Wish me luck!"
This is when Prue is about to go back into Wildwood to look for Mac the second time, after she is released back to her home. The Second Main character:
Traits: Loyal, Truthful
"I'm a bandit now."
This is when Prue is about to leave Wildwood for the second time. Curtis is exlpaning to her why he could not go with her. The Third Main character:
Traits: Adventures, Quiet
This is how Mac says Prue's name. Prue had just rescued him from the Dowager Governess. This is the cover of Wildwood.
The sequel to Wildwood is Under Wildwood. The two people in the ovals at the top corners of the page are Prue and Curtis. At the bottom, the bandit king Brendan faces off with a Coyote soldier. The top-center of the page contains one of the crows that helped to abduct Mac. The sparrow near the center was a helper of Owl Rex, and a helper of Prue on her journey. Wildwood is about Prue and Curtis trying to find Mac, who had been abducted by crows. He was taken into the Impassable Wilderness, or Wildwood. Prue and Curtis followed him in and started to battle off his captive, the Dowager Governess. They go through a lot, including getting separated, battling coyotes and bandits, getting shot down from a bird, being arrested, and much more. The reason that Mac is captures is so he can be fed to the ivy, a weapon the Dowager Governess wants to use to take over all of Wildwood. The conflict is man vs. man because Prue and Curtis are battling the Dowager Governess and her coyote army for Mac. I think the climax of the story is when the bandit army and the coyote army are battling each other. The bandits surprised the coyotes at first, but the coyotes out numbered the bandits by a lot. It was not until Brendan, the bandit king, shot the Dowager Governess and the ivy devoured the her did the fighting come to a stop. The resolution happens when the Dowager Governess is devoured by the ivy. Later, Prue goes home with Mac while Curtis stays behind (he took the bandit oath). Later, Prue sees Curtis' family and tells them that he is in a better place. I think the theme is that you should always stick together with your friends no matter what. I really liked the novel because I think it is very descriptive. It really explains the characters and setting really well. I recommend it to everyone and I can't wait to read the next book, Under Wildwood. PLOT SUMMARY
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