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Unit 302: Monitor and maintain health and safety practice in

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Laura Taaffe

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Unit 302: Monitor and maintain health and safety practice in

Unit 302: Monitor and maintain health and safety practice in the salon
Topic 1
‘The Health and Safety at Work Act is like an umbrella; it covers all other health and safety legislation. Simply, it lays down the basic rules we must follow.’
It applies to everyone, employers, employees and the self-employed. Under this Act it states it is the responsibility of everyone to work in a healthy and safe manner.

Topic 2
Requires all at work to help maintain a safe and healthy working environment, within a salon environment the regulation’s key points cover the following:

Maintenance of the salon and the equipment in the salon.
Ventilation of the salon, the temperature and lighting.
Salon hygiene, cleanliness and the disposal of waste material.
Workspace in the salon (workstation and seating).
Condition of floor and traffic route through the salon.
Drinking water supply.
Area for rest, eating and changing (if required), storage of clothing.
Sanitary conveniences.
Areas of glazing in the salon (windows, doors and partitions).

Topic 3
All equipment (old and new) used in the salon must be suitable for the purpose for which it is used. The equipment must be properly maintained and all employees must be trained in the use of the equipment.
Equipment must only be used for the intended purpose, following the manufacturer’s instructions for use.
Your employer will provide training for the correct use of all equipment in the salon environment. You should not use any equipment without this training.

Topic 4
These regulations require the employer to carry out a risk assessment on all employees for manual lifting. It is the law.
 All at work must minimize the risks from lifting and handling objects, for example when dealing with heavy or awkward shaped deliveries of stock. You need to ensure that you lift the delivery load in the correct way.
If the load is heavy ask someone to help, or split the box if you can.

Topic 5
Under this act, the employer is required to hold a Fire Certificate for the premises if: More than 20 people are employed on 1 floor at any one time, or more than 10 people are employed on different floors at any one time.

All premises must have adequate means of escape in case of fire and a means of fighting the fire (even if a Fire Certificate is not required).

All fire exits must be clearly marked /identified with the appropriate signs and all doors must be capable of being opened easily and immediately from the inside.
A fire evacuation procedure should be in place with notices placed in prominent positions to inform people of what to do in the event of a fire.

Any Questions???
Health and safety at Work Act
It is the duty of every employee while at work to take reasonable care for the health and safety of others (and self) who may be affected by the employees’ actions or lack of actions.
Every employee must cooperate with his or her employer so far as is necessary to enable the employer to implement and maintain health and safety policies within the salon (this is a legal requirement).

The Workplace (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations
The Provision and use of Work Equipment Regulations
The Manual Handling Operations Regulations
Steps to take when lifting a box
Place your feet slightly apart (in line with your shoulders) with the leading leg forward.

Bend your knees, keeping your back straight when picking up the box.
Using both hands get a firm grip of the box from underneath.
Lift the box up and hold close to your body (don’t twist the body).

Remember: Back problems can cause a lot of pain, and can last a lifetime.
You should not try to lift/move, anything, which is too heavy or too bulky for you to manage safely.

The Fire Precautions Act
Topic 6
Personal Protective Equipment at Work Regulations
These regulations require employers to provide suitable personal protective clothing and equipment (PPE) to all employees who may be exposed to any risk while working.

In a salon environment PPE is supplied for use when handling chemicals, eg hair colouring or perming and removal of colour and neutralising perms. PPE is also used when carrying out wet work, for example shampooing.

Personal Protective Equipment is used to protect your clothes and skin from damage, or harm.

Outline of the employer’s responsibilities for PPE
It is the employer’s responsibility to:

Supply personal protective equipment for employees
Maintain and replenish PPE when required
Train staff in the correct use of PPE and when to use
Identify risks with recommendations of when to use PPE.

Outline of the employee’s responsibilities for PPE
It is the employee’s responsibility to:

Report any damage or loss of PPE
Wear PPE as required in the salon and in accordance to instructions provided
Examine PPE before wearing
Clean and store after use as required by the salon.

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH)
Topic 7
These regulations relate to the control of any substances, such as chemicals used in the salon (shampoos, perm solutions, styling lotions, colouring products, cleaning products etc), likely to affect health and safety.

Relates to the control of substances with reference to:


The employer has to carry out a risk assessment of all the substances used, identifying if the product is a high, medium or low risk.
It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that all employees receive training in the safe use of products (substances) they may come into contact with while working.

Employee’s responsibilities for COSHH

You must always follow the manufacturer’s instructions when using chemicals.
Store chemicals in a cool dry place, away from direct sunlight or heat.
Dispose of following manufacturer’s instructions and local by-laws.
Follow your salon policy (and training) for the safe handling of all chemicals.

Topic 8
The Electricity at Work Regulations
These regulations cover the installation, maintenance and use of all electrical equipment in the workplace.

The employer must ensure that the electrical equipment is maintained and checked regularly; that all employees receive training in the use of the equipment, following manufacturer’s instructions.

Electricity can kill or cause severe burns. Treat it with respect!

Make sure you:
Understand the instructions before using any electrical equipment. If you don’t, ask. 
Always switch off at the mains before connecting or disconnecting any electrical appliance
Dry hands thoroughly before using electrical equipment
Check equipment looks clean and in good repair before using
Report any damaged electrical tools or equipment, including cables and plugs and remove from use.

Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations
Topic 9
Working with display screen equipment (computers) is not generally high risk, but can lead to mental stress, eye strain and muscular and other physical problems.

Employers must ensure the employee has training in using the equipment correctly and safely and ensure you understand the following:

There is no evidence to suggest that Display Screen Equipment can cause you harm, provided that you:
Are trained how to use the equipment
Adjust your chair correctly
Use a foot rest (if needed)
Use a document holder if referring to documents at the same time
Take regular breaks, or change to another work task away from the screen
Report any problems with your eyes or any aches and pains to your arms, wrists and neck to your manager.

Health and Safety and First Aid Regulations
Topic 9
These regulations require every employer to provide equipment and facilities which are adequate and appropriate in the circumstances for administrating first aid to all staff members.

For the average hair salon a first aid box and an eye wash bottle should be sufficient.
Below is a list of the minimum requirements for a first aid box
First aid box contents;
First Aid guidance.
Individually wrapped sterile dressings.
Sterile eye pads.
Sterile triangular bandages.
Safety pins.

Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations
Topic 10
This regulation applies to anyone who has injured themselves on the salon premises, whether that person is a client, employee or the employer. It is a legal requirement to report the following:

If a client is injured (or killed) on the premises and taken to hospital
If a staff member (or self employed person) is killed, or suffers a major injury (including physical violence)
If a person working on the premises suffers from an injury for three days or more and would be unable to do their full range of duties
If a doctor notifies an employee they are suffering from a reportable disease
If something happens which does not result in a reportable injury but could have done (a dangerous occurrence).
The above must be reported immediately by telephone and followed up by letter and completing a report form within 10 working days.

The employee must notify their manager if they think they may have a reportable disease; this could be contact dermatitis
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