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Week Two: MBS572 Post Reformation Church History

No description

Gene Maynard

on 15 March 2018

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Transcript of Week Two: MBS572 Post Reformation Church History

MBS572 Post Reformation Church History
Key Moments: Martin Luther
Key Moments: Ulrich Zwingli
The Five Solas
Key Moments: John Calvin
Key Insight
March 19
Key Dates
Key Moment #1:
The Bible (1513--1515)
Key Moment #2:
The 95 Theses (October 31, 1517)
Key Moment #3:
The Tower Experience (1518)
Key Moment #5:
Diet of Worms (1521)
Erik Erikson: The Repressed Little Boy

Forte: Political Puppet

Marxism: Defender of the Powerful
Classic Non-Theological Misinterpretations
Theological and
Contextual Interpretation
Catholic Interpretations
Luther's Writings and Catholic Response
The Peasant's War
Estimation of Impact
The 67 Conclusions
Key Dates
Key Moment #1:
Scripture (1520-1522)
Key Moment #2:
Zurich Reformation (1525)
Key Moment #3:
The Marbury Colloquy (1529)
Theological: The Five Solas
The Estimation
Key Dates
Key Moment #1:
Conversion (1533)
Key Moment #2:
Institutes of Christian Religion (1536)
Key Moment #3:
The Geneva "Theocracy" (1541-1564)
The Five Solas
Calvin is the
Reformation Brain
Theological Tulips
Dr. Gene Maynard
1483--birth (Eisleben)
1501--Erfurt University (law)
1505--Monastery (Order of Severe Observance)
1510--Rome pilgrimage (corruption of church)
1512--Doctorate (Wittenburg University)
1513--Psalms and Romans (scripture)
1517--95 Theses (protest)
1520--Three Cornerstone Writings
1521--Diet of Worms (Here I stand; I can do no other)
1522--German New Testament
1525--Marriage to former nun; 5 children
1529--Marbury Colloquy (Zwingli)
1534--German Bible (Old and New Testament)
1546--Death (Eisleben)
beginnings of sola scriptura
Real moment of church fracture
seeds of church fracture
Contextual nervousness about death and eternity
Theological: pastor, spiritual, biblical
To the Christian Nobility of the German Nation (1520)
The Babylonian Captivity (1520)
The Freedom of the Christian (1520)
1506--Master of Arts
1518--priest/Zurich and languagea
1520--spiritual breakthrough (scripture)
1520--gave up Papal income
1521--opposed Swiss Papal armies
1522--scripture preaching
1523--67 Conclusions
1525--Zurich Reformation
1525-1529--skirmishes with Catholics
1529--Marbury Colloquy (Luther)
1531--death in Reformation battle

Mass abolished
Easter Communion
Marriage not sacramental
Communion no longer seen as transubstantion
1509--birth (France)
1533--inaugural address for U. of Paris chaplain
1536--Institutes of Christian Religion
1536-1541--thinking and writing
1541--Geneva and reorganization of church
If Christ's rule is to be restored to the church, then everything not based on what is commanded in scripture must be abolished
Sola Scriptura
sola Christus
95 Theses (1517)
Freedom of the Christian
Think Marxist revolution in Russia 4 centuries later
sola scriptura
sola fide
sola gratias
sola Christus
sola deo gloria
October 31, 1517
Medieval Age
Modern Age
1. All who say the gospel is invalid without the confirmation of the church err
2. The substance of the gospel is that our Lord Jesus Christ, the true Son of God, has reconciled us to God
3. Hence Christ is the only way to salvation
4. Whoever seeks or points out another way is a murderer of souls
5. Hence all who consider other teachings equal to or higher than the gospel err
6. Jesus Christ is the guide and leader, promised by God to all human beings
7. Jesus Christ is an eternal salvation and the head of all believers who are his body
The 67 Conclusions
All ecclesiastical officials should humble themselves at once and raise up the cross of Christ--not the money chest--or they will perish
Zwingli is the
Reformation Strategist
Anabaptists and Left-Wing Reformation
Before Zwingli, real presence of Christ in communion elements
After Zwingli, symbolic presence of Christ in communion elements
Prior to 1533, "obstinately devoted to the superstitions of the Popery"
soul terror
In 1533: by a sudden conversion God "subdued and brought my mind to a teachable frame"
Matthew 15:14
Geneva Genius and Excess
citywide reorganization
otal depravity

nlimited election

imited atonement

rresistible grace

erseverance of the elected
Pilgrims and Puritans
Organization: Presbyterians
The 95 Theses
Zwingli: An Introduction
John Calvin
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