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Cabinet Battle #2

No description

Krystell García

on 17 May 2016

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Transcript of Cabinet Battle #2

Cabinet Battle #2
Meaning of the Song
The meaning of this song is that Jefferson and Hamilton are having a discussion to decide whether or not they should help France in their Civil War.
What happens in the song?
First, Thomas Jefferson reminds George Washington how France helped them in there time of need; and he says is time for them to keep their part of the promise.
Then, Alexander Hamilton says he believes that they should not help France due to the national debt, and the fact that the French Revolution did not had a head.
Finally, George Washington decides that Hamilton is right, and decides to help France when they have a leader.
Historical Facts
Jefferson was in Paris during the early stages of the Revolution; he said that the French were inspired by the Revolutionary War so that it was their duty to help the French.
Alexander Hamilton said he did not want to help France because he hated the lack of organization and how violent the French had made it.
Historical Facts #2
The popular opinion at the time was to support France; the Americans were really ''Pro-France''.
Hamilton was almost alone in his believed that helping France will bring problems.
A few more months into the French Revolution, France declared war on England, Spain, and Holland which made Hamilton said that this would bring political and economically problems if they supported France.
The main reason Hamilton did not want to support the French Revolution because he wanted to have good trading relations with Europe, including England.
Lafayatte Facts
Play Characters
Real Life Characters
After the war, Lafayette went back to France, where he opposed publicly to the Jacobins. They started chasing him, making him flee to Austria, but he was captured in 1792 and imprisoned until 1797. People said he looked like "hairless cadaver" when he was set free.
Every person in his family was imprisoned but his son, George Washington Lafayatte. He escaped to the United States where he lived with Alexander Hamilton and George Washington until it was safe to go back to France.
Musical Influences
Cabinet Battle #2 is classified as rap.
It is recognized for having a "Harlem Shake-ready" beat.
The famous " Uh... do whatever you want, I'm super dead, anyway" frase is an homage to Griffin McElroy from " My Brother, My Brother and Me".
The song contains a lot of "Chess Talk".
Lin-Manuel Miranda interpolates " and if you didn't know, now you know, ni***" from "Juicy" by Notorious B.I.G; and changes it to " Hey, if ya didn't know, now ya know, Mr. President".
This song is also classified as a Rap Battle.
Rap Battles are characterized by bragging and boasting content. Rap battles are often freestyled and are own by the participant who gives the best verse to the point where the other partcipant is forced to quit because he does not has an immediate answer. Usually, rap battles verses are meant to be offensive between the participants.
Rap Battle and Chess Talk
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