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Plot and Structure

College Prep Lit

Jessica Kim

on 14 September 2012

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Transcript of Plot and Structure

Exposition: The story starts off with the return of the batman, since hes been missing for many years. The need for him to arise again, is a new villain emerges into Gotham City. The villain, Bane, has taken the city hostage. The Batman must stop Bane from his complete destruction. photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr BY: Jessica K, Elisa B, Corey L, Josh R, Emily S, Emilee K Plot & Structure Terms What is Plot and Structure? Plot is the sequence of incidents of events
through which an author constructs a story. Structure is the arrangement of plot elements Conflict - A clash of actions, ideas or wills Protagonist - Central character, hero, maybe more than one character Antagonist - Any force against the protagonist, the "bad guy" Suspense - Quality in the story to make the readers ask questions to themselves Dilemma - Problem Surprise ending - When the story ends with an unexpected twist Unhappy ending - unpleasant outcome Surprise - closely connected to suspense Indeterminate - No definitive conclusion is reached Artistic unity - Nothing irrelevant is included in the story Plot manipulation - author includes a turn that is unjustified Chance - The occurrence of an event that has no apparent cause in the previous events Plot & Structure: Batman Caretaker Rising Action: When Rainsford falls off of Whitney's yacht and has to swim to Ship Trap Island. He encounters a man named Zaroff, a mentally deranged man. The Most Dangerous Game: Plot & Structure Rising Action: The action begins when Joseph realizes his mother is dead and decides to leave home. All the events that follow come from this decision and lead to the climax. Climax: Joseph gets a job on a plantation, but is fired when he stops working. Mrs. Twyman hates Joseph. Joseph goes back because he loves it there, and he meets Belle Twyman. Falling Action: Joesph is in the hospital when he finds out that the war in Liberia and he is now free to go home. Resolution: Joesph knows that he is going back to Liberia which is pretty much his death sentence. Exposition: Until the age of 35, Joseph Saleeby's mother took care of him. Joseph is under the impression that he is sick. Joseph's mother sells fruit in Maizen, a town six miles away. Once day, she goes to work, and doesn't come back. Exposition: In the beginning of the story, Whitney was explaining to Rainsford
about how Ship-Trap island is a bad place and people get nervous when they are near it. Climax: Rising Action: The scene where Batman and Bane are fighting in the underground world, Batman ends up losing to Bane. Bane then takes Batman as prisoner and then he has complete control over Gothem City. Climax: When Batman decides to risk life and attempt to fly the nuke over the ocean and away from the city, in order to protect the people he loves. Falling Action: Rainsford kills Ivan, and then jumps off a cliff
so Zaroff thinks Rainsford is dead. Falling Action: After the city is saved from the nuke, the city is safe from Bane. Then the people are expected to believe that he is dead and he died for his city. Batman is then buried next to his parents and his house becomes a orphanage. Resolution: The story ends off with Batman being seen at a small coffee shop with the love of his life. Resolution: Rainsford escapes Zaroff and kills him and then sleeps in his bed.
Rainsford is being hunted by Zaroff and he is trying to escape. Spoiler Alert! The Dark Knight Rises
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