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Annie Sullivan

No description

Library Media

on 18 February 2014

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Transcript of Annie Sullivan

Annie Sullivan
Later Life
She brought a doll for Helen. When Helen found the doll Annie spelled doll into her hand in the manual alphabet. Helen did not understand but she could copy. One day, she took Helen to the water pump and poured water into her mug and spelled w-a-t-e-r and she understood. She asked for Annie's name and she spelled T-e-a-c-h-e-r. Helen asked for other names too. Annie went with Helen to school. In 1905 Annie married John Macy and he left her in 1914.
Early Life
Annie did not fit in well at Perkins. she could not read or write. She didn't own a night gown or a hair brush. She almost got expelled more than once because of her behavior. People started to notice how smart she was. She also started to make friends. She graduated as the top ranked student in her class in 1886. On March 3, 1887 she arrived in Tuscumbia, Alabama to teach a blindd and deaf girl named Helen Keller.
Annie was born on April 16, 1866 in Feeding Hills, Massachusetts. Three members of her family died when she was young including her mother. When she was young she got trachoma which left her nearly blind. One day, her brother Jimmie and her sister Mary were sent to live with an aunt and uncle. Annie and Jimmie were sent to an almshouse in Tewsbury, Massachusetts which is a place for poor people and Mary was sent to live with another aunt. Jimmie died after a few months at the almshouse. One day, Mr. Frank Sanborn came to the almshouse. Annie told him she wanted to go to school so Mr. Frank Sanborn put Annie into The Perkins Institution for the Blind. Annie was very lucky.
Middle Life
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