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The Black Death Survival Guide

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Aaron Maneval

on 22 April 2014

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Transcript of The Black Death Survival Guide

Treatment & Prevention
Why was the plague so bad?
Political Cartoon
How we
ourselves today.

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Symptoms: Swollen lymph glands called "buboes" Usually found in the groin, armpits, and neck area.
Chance of survival: 20% to 30%
How many died from the plague: 25 million+
How we protect ourselves today
The Plague
Someone might need this Black Death survival guide because the plague was fatal and would kill one out of every three people. This dreaded plague was during 1348-1350 and killed 25 million people. Fleas were the holders of the plague and then they would suck rats blood and it would kill rats. When the rats died, fleas would need to drink a mammals warm blood so if a human was near they would suck the humans blood. The plague was extremely contagious and was spread to Sicily which is in Western Europe because of trading routes. The Urban areas would be most affected because of the lack of sanitation and they were closer together which made it easier to catch the plague.

Treatment and Prevention
They thought that the fleas and the rats caused the Black Death. We know today that A bacterium, Yersinia pestis, causes the disease in animals and humans. They protected themselves from the plague by cleaning the streets, burning rubbish and lighting aromatic fires to tackle miasma through to prayer, flagellation and religious procession to please God. In the Middle Ages they used vinegar and water treatments, lacing the buboes, they would make themselves bleed, they would go on a diet, they would try to use sanitation, they used Pestilence medicine and they used witchcraft.

Black Death political cartoon
The Black Death Survival Guide
Not invented yet
What is that?
Sicily, Western Europe
Why the plague was bad.
How to protect yourselves today
This disease changed life for people in Western Europe in many ways. One way is social a surplus of goods ended up resulting in overspending. Also, another effect, was that the marriage rate rose quickly. Another way is the economic affects, because the church lost many people, but the institution became more rich through legacies. It affected the population by the marauding armies destroyed their crops. Another way is the famine in 1135. These are the ways the plague affected life for people in Western Europe. Prices and Wages rose. Greater value was placed on labor. Farming land was given over to pasturing, which was much less labor-intensive. This change in farming led to a boost in the cloth and wool industry. Peasants moved from the country to the towns. The Black Death was therefore also responsible for the decline of the Feudal system. People became disillusioned with the church and its power and influence went into decline. This resulted in the English reformation.
-Reducing rodent habitat around our homes, where you work, and recreational places.

-Remove brush, rock piles, junk, firewood bunched together, and rodent food supplies.

-Wear gloves when you are handling with skinning infected animals so you don't get the disease.

-Use repellent if you think you could be exposed to the rodents doing activities such as camping, hiking, or doing something outdoors.

-If your pet is sick, find care from a veterinarian as soon as possible.
Don't allow dogs or cats that roam free in domestic areas to sleep on your bed.

-Some of our cures today for the plague are getting rid if the animals that carry the fleas and to congregating.

Keep fleas off of your pets by using flea control products.
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