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Professional Development

The intended goal for the e-learning initiative plan is to create a blended professional development training to teach classroom teachers how to use technology on a regular basis in and out of the classroom.

Meghan Zador

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Professional Development

Professional Development E-Learning Activities Initiative:
*Blended Professional Development to:
* Integrate technology in the classroom
* Learn collaboration methods
* Training once a month F2F
*E-Learning Opportunities For Whom:
*Candlewood Professional Team
*16 Teachers
*33 Total Staff Standards:
Family Involvement
Design and Teacher Learning
Build Community Blogging:
*Access for all staff members
*Include team assignments
*Discussion Forum
*Any resources regarding the new technology
October: Blogging
November: Surveys
December: Wikis Activities: Blogging Activity:
*Investigate "Top 100 Educational Blogs"
*Pick one blog that would be useful in school setting
*Post link and explanation of why it would be beneficial
(try to persuade other staff members)
*Comment on 2 other posts Criteria for Success
*75% of classroom teachers integrate technology at least 2 times in the year
*75% of staff understand and access 3 new techology tools
*80% of staff participated in professional development
*Grade level members communicate through wiki or blog on weekly basis Assessments:
*Quizzes" Jeopardy
*End products
The End:
*Through this initiative:
Our school will just begin our road to technology integration in our school By:
Meghan Zador
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