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Interpersonal Skills

No description

Alyson Stephenson

on 14 October 2014

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Transcript of Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal Skills
design by Dóri Sirály for Prezi
How important are interpersonal skills for this line of work?
Auto Mechanic
They wouldn't have many customers and would the customers would not be satisfied. The employee could also have a chance of getting fired.
What will happen if an employee in this line of work has poor interpersonal skills?
Yes, it would because an everyday mechanic has to socialize and get along with their customers and be cooperative with them.
It is important because you have to socialize with customers and be able to answer their questions.
Would the education and training this person had in preparing for their career help them improve interpersonal skills?
Do you think that an individual working in this line of work must possess good interpersonal skills?
Yes, because they have to communicate with customers and co-workers and be persuasive to people to buy their products.
What kind of interpersonal skills would be important in this line of work?
Communication skills
Organization skills
Literacy skills
Manage time
Ability to negotiate

What happens if interpersonal skills are lacking in this line of work?
You could get a downgrade in your job or get fired.
List some of the kinds of interpersonal skills that are needed in this work.
Good people skills
Good communication skills
Ability to answer questions
Ability to offer advice
Dealing with stress
Have you ever visited someone in this occupation who did not have good interpersonal skills? If so what was it like.
Are interpersonal skills in this work optional or do they play a role in the actual success of the job being performed?
Yes, they play a role in the job
Police Officer
Is a person working in this line of work likely to have good interpersonal skills?
Yes, they have to interact with many people.
What opportunities have you had to observe the interpersonal skills of someone in this line of work?
License Check
Speeding ticket
Based on what is shown on television, how are good interpersonal skills helpful in this job? Does television provide an accurate portrayal of this job?
They have to cooperate and interfere with different people and jobs.
BY: Alyson Stephenson
Erica East
THE END!!!!!!!!
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