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No description

Yoshijiro Araki

on 28 October 2012

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Transcript of Altruism

Altruism selfless generosity needs volunteer donate time money food clothing Local national global clean up the city housing projects gardening unicef collect/ distribute books food nourishment safety meaning do well by doing good sustainability communication information emotion action technology data numbers graphs facts horrors People natural disasters lack of food loss of home wars terrorists images desensitize the issue manufactured landscapes landfills dams factories fear for the future melancholy absence empathy sympathy compassion make a difference global ethic do good for countries that cant afford change lack of profit privatization peace corps deal with current issues selective action religion location philosophy beliefs for private entities for the people internet personal devices cellphones computers tv stories eco cities fund raise tap project awareness water access conservation organizations self-
interests results cost cameras 1,000,000,000 suffer from malnourishment consumption doubles every 20 years rapid
pollution transportation corrupt promise a better tomorrow Used for everything Hidden water we use negative tension positive tension altruistic non-altruistic both satisfaction Habits food waste Agriculture live
stock containers
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