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Blood is Thicker

No description

Mariah Walton

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Blood is Thicker

Blood is Thicker
Hakeem Randall likes Playing the guitar and singing. He has studdering problems..but those don't occur when he sings.
Mariah Walton
Savon is Hakeem's moody cousin in Detroit.
Uncle Henry
Hakeem's father has cancer and now is unable to pay their bills so him and his family now have to leave California and go to faraway Detroit to live with his Uncle and Aunt and is forced to share a room with his moody cousin.
Uncle Henry lives in Detroit.
He is very worried and concerned
about Savon. He owns a local
furniture store in the
Setting of "Blood is Thicker" starts at
Bluford High School in Los Angeles,
California. Then is moved to Detroit
where the book is continued
during the beginning of the summer.
Hakeem trying to follow his Uncle Henry's orders and talk to his cousin, Savon turns into a violent fight.
After following Savon in the middle of the night and getting caught together trying to sneak back in, the whole family has a meaningful conversation that changes Savon's ways.
I loved this book. It is so relatable. I love how Uncle Henry states in the book that "Blood is thicker than anything else."
I give this story 4 & 1/2 stars. It's emotional but it explains the quote "Sometimes you have to go through the bad to get to the good."
In the beginning of the summer, Hakeem and his family move to Detroit. After sharing a room with his cousin for a while, Hakeem notices that him and his friends plan to sneak out in the middle of the night.
After trying to help his cousin and lead him in the right direction, it turns into a violent fight and because of that Savon is grounded. Although, he still sneaks out. Hakeem follows him out and when Hakeem and Savon return home, they're caught and it turns into a meaningful conversation that changes their lives forever.
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