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Augustus of Prima Porta

No description

Thomas Wheeler

on 9 July 2018

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Transcript of Augustus of Prima Porta

Read through the article provided and identify the functions it claims sculpture played in the Classical World.

Why does Augustus want to make such clear links to Classical Greece
What is the social function and feature of statues in the modern world?

Why would you have a sculpture made of you?

What would it take to have it displayed in public?

What function would sculpture play in the Classical World?
Sculpture and Statues
Classical Sculpture
Greek Freestanding Sculpture
The statue itself is most likely a copy from an original bronze that would have been cast sometime soon after 20BC.

It was found in the villa of Augustus' second wife Livia, located in the outskirts of Rome at Prima Porta. This may have been one of many marble versions, and there are arguments that this one has been specifically modified by Tiberius as a gift to his mother.
The Statue of Augustus
What specific details or notable features can you notice on the statue itself?

What do they potentially symbolise?
The Specific Details
To what extent is the statue consistent with the literary work written and promoted by Augustus?
Augustus of Prima Porta
L.O. - To understand and evaluate the cultural significance of sculpture of Augustus.
Youthful and virile figure innately associated with both physical and military capability.

stance for the character
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