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The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

No description

Natalia Milo

on 1 August 2014

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Transcript of The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Major Accomplishments
Night of the
Coincidences between Lincoln and Kennedy's
The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
John Wilkins Booth

...and his motive to

Abraham Lincoln’s foreign policy was successful in
preventing other countries from intervening
in America’s Civil War.

Abraham Lincoln
issued the Emancipation Proclamation
which began the process of freedom for America's slaves. The document also allowed black soldiers to fight for the Union.

Abraham Lincoln was a strong supporter of the Thirteenth Amendment that
formally ended slavery in the United States.

Booth was a passionate supporter of slavery; therefore, he despised Lincoln and the Republican Party. Lincoln’s views were expressed about extending voting right to African-Americans in a public meeting Booth had attended triggering his actions to kill Lincoln.
The Aftermath of the Assassination
Task Questions
What was Booth's motive to why did he want to assassinate Lincoln?

How was Booth allowed to enter the private box Lincoln was in? Why was the no security protecting the president?

List one of Lincolns accomplishments

Explain the impact Lincoln's assassination had made on society
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