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By: Mirza Avdagic

No description

Vila Mar

on 27 April 2015

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Transcript of By: Mirza Avdagic

iN Motion Advertising
1. To saturate taxi advertising opportunities with various companies in the big cities. Within the next twelve months it is the objective of the company to market ourservices to at least 25 companies and to establish a business relationship with at least 15 of them. This will grow to 50 companies in the second year and over 150 in the third year.

2. When starting company will have 50 taxi adds in Istanbul. By the end on the first year we expect to have 500 taxies in Istanbul.

3. Within the first year the company will be starting in Istanbul. It shall be our goal to spread in 2 additional cities every year after the first one.

In Motion Advertising provides the right way for communicating our clients message to the target audience. We believe that we have the right product to attract loyal customer base. Our customer base will demand that our services are done professionally and on time.

1. Provide quality service to our customers as well as our partnering taxi agencies.

2. With a 24/7 customer service we will ensure that our customers stay 100% satisfied.

3. Having a plan B for any errors that can occur between our clients, us and our partnering agencies.

4. Orders completed must be accurate 100% of the time assuring maximum efficiency.

5. Sustaining customer loyalty
Keys to success
Market Research

1. Markets movers

2. Target audience will be reached

3. Taxi ads are seen in prime locations

4.Taxi advertising brings your message to hard-to-reach business and shopping districts

5. Covers all sectors of an urban/suburban community

6. Relatively cost effective - low CPM

In Motion Advertising, is an advertising company dedicated exclusively to provide advertising via taxi to any company that seeks modern and inovative way to reach their customers. The sole business purpose is to provide a new avenue of advertising effectiveness for companies and to clearly convey their message to their target audience.

1. Turkey's market for advertising services records CAGR of 14% over 2007-2012 and amounts to TL14 billion in 2012, making it one of the fastest growing advertising markets in Europe.

2. Turkey's advertising industry expected to grow at average rate of 11% over 2013-2018 as industry is underdeveloped and holds enormous potential.

3. Spending for advertisement by companies in Turkey grew 20 percent to 4.32 billion liras ($2.4 billion) in 2011 after growing 31 percent in 2010.
Turkish Market
Outdoors Advertising (OA) market is divided on four different advertising types: billboards, street furniture, transit and alternative.

1. Billboard accounts for roughly 30% of the OA market.

2. Street furniture represents about 5% of the OA market.

3. Alternative outdoors advertising takes about 6-7% of the OA market.

4. Lastly, transit OA is the largest section of the OA. Transit takes up close to 60% of the entire outdoor advertising market.


1. Messages must be brief

2. Relies on short term memory

3. Urban markets only


1. In Motion Advertising has a good potential to grow

2. Set the market standards


1. Competition threat

2. Sluggish Demand

3. Funding



In Motion Advertising, LLC will provide expertise and execution of taxi advertising that support any company. Our sole purpose is to generate advertising sales by growing client sales. The adds can be provided by our customers or can be designed on their behalf if requested.



1. Pricing for demand - Lower price


We will advertise our company in different ways including internet ads, directly contacting our potential customer and of course using our own taxi advertising. Our ads will include our company logo, a brief description of we offer and the advantages of our service.
- More precisely we will be looking to attract political parties prior to the election month. There are around 5 big parties in Turkey.

Large Businesses
- this market segments includes insurance companies, banks, telecoms, tobacco and alcohol companies, large fast food chains, large food companies, gas stations, car companies, large manufacturing firms, among others.

Small Businesses
- this market segment includes different restaurants, coffee bars, convenient stores, smaller retail chain stores, clothing stores among others.


- this market segment includes individual customers such as lawyers, notaries, small home businesses, flower stores, small retail stores among others.



Emphasize performance

In Motion Advertising will differentiate ourselves with performance! We will establish our business offering as a clear and viable alternative for the target market, from the scores of "good" advertising programs.

Build a relationship-oriented business

Build long-term relationships with customers, not single-visit deals. Become the company of choice. Make them understand the value of the relationship.

Focus on target markets

The firm will focus on specific companies as the key market segment we should own.

Strategy and Implementation

Start-up Expenses
Legal $3,000
Stationery etc. $200
Rent $5,000
Computer $1,000
Panel Production $15,000
Total Start-up Expenses $24,200

Start-up Assets
Cash Required $2,000
Other Current Assets $0
Long-term Assets $0
Total Assets $2,000

Total Requirements $26,200
Competition Strategies
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