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Born on the Fourth of July Analysis

No description

Joseph Perez

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of Born on the Fourth of July Analysis

Film Analysis Born on the Fourth of July Plot An Overview of the Vietnam War The movie can be divided into 3 main segments based around the events in the main character, Ron Kovic's life:

- Early Life
- Vietnam
- Post-Vietnam Early Life Born in Massapequa, New York
Born on the 4th of July
Father served in WWII
Nationalistic, Christian household
Wanted to join army, but his family was against it Mental Recovery See: Important Themes - PTSD and the Treatment of Veterans
Displays extreme patriotism and supports the war without any examination of the situation from an objective standpoint
Kovic goes through a phase of regret as part of coming to terms with his paralysis
Partaking in the war in Vietnam causes him to challenge US involvement and take an active stance against it Vietnam Veterans Against the War Police Brutality Shown in various scenes in the movie
Violence against protesters = Extreme nationalism Vietnam Joins US Marine Corps after high school
Kovic serves two tours in Vietnam, 1967
Is wounded in an ambush
Injury to c6 vertebrae left him paralyzed from the chest down Physical Recovery Spends time in Veteran's hospital back in US Important Themes Nationalism PTSD and the Treatment of Veterans Terrible treatment of patients due to federal budget cuts Strengths Accurate portrayal of the Vietnam conflict and the issues surrounding it in America
Emphasis on the psychological effects of the Vietnam War
Oliver Stone... Oliver Stone Experienced Vietnam
Joined US armed forces in 1967
wounded twice
Recieved Bronze Star and Purple Heart

First-hand experience of the treatment of veterans post-Vietnam
Has directed multiple films on Vietnam Factual Inaccuracies/Weaknesses Ron Kovic's 2 tours = 2 short battle scenes...
Variances from the novel/real story
Speech in front of his hometown
Focus entirely on events in America, no other perspectives given
Anti-government bias Activity "We have made we will continue to make every possible effort to end this war through negotiation at the conference table rather than through more fighting on the battlefield...."
- Nixon

"It was patriotism, not communism, that inspired me."
- Ho Chih Minh

"Now we have a problem in making our power credible, and Vietnam is the place"
- John F. Kennedy

"If we stop helping them, they will become ripe for internal subversion and a Communist takeover."
-John F. Kennedy
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