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Natalie Cartledge

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Animation

Data-driven or cloth animation is the standard way of animation.
One short clip of animation even just 5 seconds could contain up to 100 frames. Each frame contains a lot of information including joint angles, orientation of skeletal root and multiple co-ordinate systems.
Digital simulators are used to train people for difficult and life threatening situations. Common areas digital simulators are used involve pilots, SWAT teams, nuclear reactor operators e.t.c.
Paint-on-glass animation - short films
Sand Animation - Short Film
Computer Animation Algorithms & Techniques - Third Edition

-Rick Parent
What is animation to many people?
Animation to many people is seen as the cartoon on a morning or a typical cartoon film such as Toy Story or Shrek, produced by probably the most known animation company in the word, Walt Disney. But animation is also films such as Avatar, even though most people don't believe it.

What is Animation?
Animation is the process of creating continuous motion and shape changes. This is done by using multiple frames that are almost completely similar in sequence but differ slightly to the frame before, so when you look at them in sequence they appear to be in motion.

Examples of animation:
flip book
motion picture film
flash animation

Methods of creating animation:
stop motion (the most commonly used)
paper cut outs
clay figures

These methods are usually used at 20 - 25 frames per second meaning that each frame that is used you will see for less than a 0.1 of a second.
CGI - Computer Generated Imagery
All of these animation techniques are in some way part of CGI
"Computer animation, refers to any computer based computation used in images to create the perception of movement"
Scott Blake - Flip books
Scott Blake is most famous for his flip book of the 911 plane crash.
Data-Driven/Cloth Animation
Data driven animation focuses on bringing in shape deformation.
Computer Animation
Parent, R.P, 2012. Computer Animation, Algorithms & Techniques. 3rd ed. Burlington, Massachusetts: Morgan Kaufmann.
Artistic Animation
Artistic animations often tend to be short films and involve 3D design. They are also videos that are very inspiring.
Thought of You - By Ryan Woodward
Procedural Animation
Procedural animation is a type of computer animation, that automatically generates an animation in real time. It also gives more diverse actions than using other styles of animation.

It is used in video games for characters faces and the Rag doll effect. Which is characters dying. For example, if a character dies on the side of a cliff slumped over, the torso of the body would naturally put the rest of the body over, procedural animation would generate this automatically.
Procedural Animation by Wolfire Games
What is animation used for.
Digital Simulators an Computer Games
SWAT simulators
I recommend watching this clip by paint-on-glass artist Aleksandr Petrov as it really shows and intrigues you into this style of animation.
Paint-on-glass animation is a technique of animation, but using slow drying oil paint where the artist can manipulate and change the painting over a long period of time. But, the overall effects of the style creates a completely different effect to CGI based animation, as when the animator manipulates the wet image they leave behind the history of the previous gesture creating movement and in CGI it is a very clean image. I find this approach to animation very interesting, and having seen this style of animation as a child relate to it. But, i had no idea that it was done with paint and over a very long period of time so this was very interesting for me to look at for personal reasons as well as being an artist.
Sand animation involves moving sand around on top of a light box creating images that show using the light behind. Doing this you can draw many different situations over each image creating animated films that can contain multiple textural effects. I personally have never really connected with sand animation until i discovered Kseniya Simonovas' sand animation on you tube. She won the Ukrainians Got Talent in 2009 by showing an emotional story about war. Since then she has gone on to perform over 200 sand stories for audiences all over the world, including presidents, heads of states and royalty. Kseniya Simonova has definatly changed my perception on sand art due to her emotional and true sand stories.
Kseniya Simonova
Kenly Dillard
Multi-Sketch animation is a sequence of hand drawn sketches that are narrated with a voice. They are created in a freestyle unscripted way which makes them original because they do not need editing afterwards. This style of art was invented by Renat Zarbailou but it was Kenly Dillard who became the pioneer and pushed it to where it is today. I think that this style of art so very interesting because of how sketchy it is, and as an artist myself i have always been a 'perfectionist' using bold lines to complete my images rather than sketchy 'rough' lines
How much has animation developed, and why?
Animation can be refered back to as early as ancient cave painting moving in sequence across the walls. But since CGI was developed the reason that animation has developed so much is due to the computer game industry, which generates billions of billions of pounds which then goes into finding new ways of creating and developing these games. Doing this pushes the animation industry to be more realistic and developed because in order to develop the gaming techniques, animation must also develop too as gaming is developed and advances within CGI.
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