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Growth through mentorship

Growth Through Mentorship - FPI Professional Convention 2014 Panel discussion chaired by Wouter Fourie

Wouter Fourie

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of Growth through mentorship

What is Mentorship?
Mentorship Program
Approved Mentor

New entrant into financial services industry, less than 3 years experience
Must have the required qualification for membership
Must become at least a Candidate member of the FPI
Shows commitment to diligently work through the mentorship programme
Completes the PoE and attach evidence
Spanning minimum 12 months
Mapped carefully to relevant financial planning component

Leaving a Legacy
Growth through mentorship
Panel Members
Francis Aldrich CFP®
Frans Lombard CFP®
Craig Kiggen CFP®
Sherma Malan MBA
Wouter Fourie CFP®

Growth through mentorship
Coaching is “ a process that
enables learning and development
to occur and thus performance to improve. To be a successful coach requires a knowledge
and understanding of processes
as well as a variety of styles, skills and techniques that are appropriate to the context in which the coaching takes place”
(Eric Parsloe)

Mentoring is “… help by one person to another in making
significant transitions in knowledge, work or thinking
” (Clutterbuck & Megginson)

Mentoring enables the wisdom of an older, more experienced colleague to be passed on to a junior staff member so that networks, knowledge and experience are shared. (Lisa Wilson)

“… a partnership in which a mentee is assisted in making
significant advances
in knowledge, perspective and vision in order to
develop their full potential

CFP® professional certification
– initial requirements
Relevant work experience

An individual demonstrates relevant work experience, either supervised or unsupervised, working with clients while:

Engaging in
described in the FPI’s Financial Planning Practice Standards
abilities, skills and knowledge
described in the FPI’s Financial Planner Competency Profile
Adhering to
Ethical principles
described in FPI’s Financial Planner Code of Ethics and Professional Responsibility
Doing all of the above in an Educational, Supervisory, Advisory or Non-client facing capacity

Characteristics of the FPI mentorship programme

Minimum of one year – may extend it if mentor/mentee agrees that not all criteria are met
Can be applied retrospectively from mentorship approval date
Must show competence in a minimum of 4 of the 6 financial planning components
Evidence of actual financial plans to be submitted for evaluation

CFP® professional in good standing
Indicate willingness to take on mentor role
Regular evaluation meetings
Constructive feedback and guidance
Provide mentee with experience in and instruction about the practice of the profession
Convey knowledge, standards of conduct, interaction with clients etc
Critically evaluate Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) before submission
Attests to mentee’s ability to ethically and competently practice as a financial planner

Franklin Covey

From effectiveness to Greatness

Life is Short ..............Live, Love, Learn and
Leave a Legacy
Growth through Mentorship
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