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Anglo- American Hymns VS. African American Spirituals

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Sergio Cervantes

on 28 April 2014

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Transcript of Anglo- American Hymns VS. African American Spirituals

"A hymn can be defined as a poetic statement of a personal religious encounter or insight, universal in its truth, and suitable for corporate expression when sung in stanzas to a hymn tune."
A hymn is a a religious song or poem made to praise God.
What is a Hymn?
African American Spirituals
These were songs developed by enslaved African Americans during colonial times.
It was a way for slaves to communicate and tell their stories
It can be defined as independent folk songs that combines both african traditions with american religious music.
Often the beats were influenced by the environment around them.
Working on the fields of wherever they were they found a way to escape boredom of the day to day tasks.
Famous African/"Negro" Spiritual People
Anglo-American Hymns
Anglo-American Hymns originated in the colonial times of America.
English Hymns became significant in American Worship.
It was highly influenced by the puritans and pilgrims
Churches during that time period were only allowed to sing psalms as it was in the bible.
This influenced African American Spirituals.
By Sergio Cervantes
Anglo- American Hymns VS. African American Spirituals
Anglo-American Hymns
African American Spirituals
Examples of Anglo- American Hymns
Example Picture of Origin
They often sang these songs while they worked.
Example of African American Spirituals
Both forms of music contain lyrics from the Bible.
Both are religious forms of music.
African American spirituals were meant to show sorrow and was a way of hope for slaves to have there prayers answered.
Anglo-American Hymns were basically meant to praise God.
Hymns came from Britain while Spirituals came from Africa.
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This Prezi is to provide deeper insight on the difference and history behind Anglo-American Hymns and African American Spirituals.
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