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Portable Cooking with Nature

No description

Danial Shah

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Portable Cooking with Nature

Our group is interested in portable cooking with nature. So we planned one model that is made from recycle materials such as biscuit tin and cardboards. We used our knowledge to create it. We combined some concepts that we have learnt like absorption, conduction, reflection, refraction, green house effect and heat content to make this model. After making a few modification on our model, we had succeed to increase the temperature of the water from 27°C to 68°C after three hours on a sunny day. Scientific Theory-Heat Collectionand Explanation of Colour Selection 1. We used container that is exactly 500ml to ensure the heat content can full-filled to heat the water. SMK SULTAN ISMAIL

WITH NATURE OBJECTIVE To create awareness among the general public that solar energy is an alternative to fossil fuels.

To promote solar energy as a renewable , sustainable, clean and environmentally friendly fuel.

To introduce solar cooking as cost-free way of using the resource of the sun. INTRODUCTION
DANIAL SHAH A solar cooker is a device which uses sunlight as its energy source. Our group model is a solar water cooker. We used different concepts in order to make this model, such as reflection, refraction, absorption, conduction, green house effect and heat content. These useful concepts have increase the water temperature effectively. Problem Statements Which model design is the best to accumulate and focus the heat to the water fastest?

Which types of materials will be the best for constructing a solar cooker?

Where to find the materials to construct the model? 2. The height of the tin is shorter to ensure the heat content is higher and the temperature inside the container can be increase easily. 3. Shiny surface in the tin is a good reflector of heat. Besides, mirror is used to reflect the light to the surfaces of the tin as to increase the temperature inside the container. 4. Tin that is painted with black colour is a good absorber of heat. Furthermore, it is also metal that is a good conductor of heat. So all the heat Can be easily accumulated inside the tin. 5.
6. CONCLUSION The portable solar cooker is an eco-friendly device. People should be practise to use the portable solar cooker. The simple design and lightweight that is applied on this cooker will make one’s work easier especially when going for camping and others outdoor activities. It is proven that it is work and do not damage our health and Earth. So, people nowadays should use the portable solar cooker in order to save the natural resources for other usage.
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