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Marco Polo


jerrykiddo jerrykiddo

on 25 May 2010

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Transcript of Marco Polo

MArco polo Born Around 1254 Born in Venice extra info traveled to cathay, or, now called China MArco polo wrote a book while in jail with his jailmate, Rustichello Da Pisa The title of his book is named "Travels of Marco Polo" or "Il Milione 'The Million'" Bibliography pictures Biblography "Marco Polo." Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia. Web. 12 May 2010.
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Marco Polo.elementaryteacher.files.wordpress MArco Polo's book was written in Old french
His father was named Niccolò
His uncle was named Maffeo
while they were together they were called the Polos.
marco polo's book was translated in many languages, but with typos in each translation.
There is no authoritive
version of marco polo's
official book.
MArco polo did not note
all of his foundations in
his book.
christopher columbus was
inspired by marco polo. Death marco polo died on Jan 8, 1324
marco polo was buried in San Lorenzo
Marco polo's will noted
many things that he did
not finish, including:
Borrowed money, owed
money, property selling,
achievments and failures MArco polo's travels may have had some influence on the development of the european cartography, or chart making.
Marco polo has influenced many other explorers to explore the world.
marco polo has also brought back many maps that were made in china for further
trading with the asians.
the polos helped the emperor of china, Kublai Khan, in many ways but khan refused to agree with the polos departure.
Websites Basic Information Born on September 15, 1254
Venetian who was one of the first westerner to travel through the Silk Road
He was a trader and explorer from Venice
He also helped Kublai Khan in china
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