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The Seminole Tribe

No description

Beth Smith

on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of The Seminole Tribe

The Seminole Tribe
By Neal A.

The Seminoles live in the Southeast region in Florida, Oklahoma, and Mexico. They used to live in Alabama and Georgia, but they migrated to their current location. Due to their home in the Everglades, natural resources include grass (saw grass), animals, and edible plants.
Men's Work
Men's work in villages include hunting, fishing, healing (if a medicine man) playing stickball (a traditional Seminole game), trading, fighting (during the three Seminole Wars), alligator wrestling (a tourist attraction in modern times), and singing and dancing at the Green Corn Ceremonies (traditional Seminole ceremonies).
The Seminoles ate fish, alligators, spoiled bacon, cornmeal, turkeys, ducks, squirrels, deer, quail, turtles, bear, otters, and corn.
Women's Work
Women's work is things such as preparing and cooking meals, weaving baskets, and making clothes. Also, the families are matrillineal, meaning that the men live with their wife's family.
Seminoles wear clothes varying on if they are men or women. Men wear knee length skirts, two neck bandanas, turban-like hats, and other bright articles of clothing. Women wear long skirts, puffy blouses, and multiple necklaces at one time, and a typical hairdo is the flat roll, an elongated bun.
The Seminoles make woven baskets, leg rattles made of turtle shell, medicine packs made of bits of horns, feathers, stones, herbs, and dried animal parts.
Seminoles live in homes called
chickee huts
, because the Everglades is composed of swampy marshes and they had to make homes above the water.
Tools and Weapons
Tools include guns (nowadays), blow guns, and arrows.
Blow gun
The Seminole speak three different languages. They speak Muskogee, Hittite, and Mikasuki. Some Muskogee words are:
eccaswv (ech-a-sa-wa): beaver.
honvnwv (hoe-nun-wuh): man.
hokte (hok-tee): woman.
Origin Stories
That was my Prezi!!! I hope you liked it and learned a lot about the Seminoles!!!
The Earth was once covered with water. One day, Turtle decided to swim to the surface. He got tired...
The Breath Maker (a spirit) took pity on him and allowed him to sleep.
Turtle began to breath hard, causing his shell to crack open in different sections.
Out of these cracks, humans emerged and made a new life on turtles shell.
This is a common Seminole origin story.
How Turtle's shell looks today.
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