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Three Major Monotheistic Religions

No description

Anahí Granda

on 3 May 2013

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Transcript of Three Major Monotheistic Religions

Christianity Characteristics The 33 percent of the world religion is Christianity.
Their leader is The Pope. The holly book is the Bible, and the God in which they believe is Jesus Christ, most of the people go to church each Sunday.
Jesus had 12 Apostles, they were: Simon, Judas, Tomas, Matthew, Bartholomew, John, Mathias, Felipe, James the Less, James the Greater, Pedro and Andrew.
The Bible said that God sent his only son, Jesus to Earth to be crucified and killed for every human being that sinned. For all those who believed in Jesus would be saved in heaven and be forgiven for all their sins.
Christians were persecuted through history Judaism Characteristics The three major monotheistic religions Islam Characteristics Judaism is the oldest from the major monotheistic religions.
It also one of them who has the least followers who are about 12.
It began about 3,800 years ago during the bronze age in the middle east.
Judaism began between the covenant of God and Abraham in the book of Genesis in 1812. the main figures are, Rabbi Yehuda HaNasi, Moses, Abraham. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world, there are 0.7 to 1.8 billion followers in the world.
Muslims believe in Allah. He sent prophets to Earth. They were, Muhammad, Abraham and Moses. the Islam religion is 1400 years old.
There holly book is Koran.
They speak arabic. Jesus and its 12 apostles For the Islam religion this means Allah During world war 2 Jews were forced to use this star because they were persecuted. Thanks for watching! :D Islam based in five pillars: Iman (Shahadah) it means faith. Salah, pray 5 times a day. Zakat, it means charity. Sawn, you cant eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. Hajj, you need to walk to the pilgrimage. they cant eat pork or drink alcohol. they speak arabic. Timeline of the Monotheistic Religions. Augustus was he first Roman ruler to be worshiped as a son of a god(divi filius). Jesus of Nazareth is born. Death of Jesus of Nazareth. Jesus early followers from Galilee settle in Jerusalem. They are known as¨the twelve¨ 27 BCE-14 CE 4 BCE 30 CE 30 CE and later 60-65 CE Death of Paul.
Death of Peter. 60-68 CE Death of James, brother of Jesus and head of the church in Jerusalem. Christianity Characteristics 70 CE Fall of Jerusalem under military leadership of Vespasians son, Titus. Jesus and its 12 apostles By:
Galilea Serrano
Anahí Granda Venn Diagram Judaism ALL They have rules with the food. They have 10 commandments
Believe that Elijah will return They have pillars.
There is existence of angels.
Allah is another word that means God. Islam Christianity It is the oldest survival monotheistic religion
Jews world wide are settled in modern Israel.
In old times Jews were persecuted by other religions and Germans too. God is what they believe.
Christianity started as an offshoot of judaism in the first century C.E.
Early christian communities were often persecuted. J & C Grow in sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia.
Develop their knowledge of Arabic than in learning Latin or Hebrew. I &C They all have one God and its prophet
All three religions believe in heaven and hell
All have Moses as a prophet of God
All believe in an invisible God I & J
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