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ASU Student-Athlete End of Spring 2013 Rules Education

No description

Justin Pollnow

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of ASU Student-Athlete End of Spring 2013 Rules Education

End of Spring 2013
Rules Education

An activity is voluntary (and not countable) if all of the following are true:
(1) no one reports information related to the activity to a coach (including workout logs),
(2) the request is initiated and requested by the student-athlete,
(3) attendance is not recorded, and
(4) there is no penalty for missing and no recognition/incentives for attending.
*Remember you are DI student-athletes.
Student-athletes may only compete as a member of a non-ASU team during ASU vacation periods (e.g., summer, winter) and outside of the ASU declared sports season.
Specific sport limitations may apply.
Permissible under NCAA legislation if:
ASU facilities are not used.
Your name, picture, appearance is not used to promote or advertise the sessions.
Compensation is from person receiving the lesson or his/her parents.
Playing lessons are not allowed.
Documentation is on file with the Compliance Office.
Individual Sports
Student-athlete can participate in individual workout session with a coach.
Student-athlete must request the workout.
Multiple student-athletes can be present.
Paid only for work actually and already performed.
Paid the going rate.
Not paid because of athletics reputation.
Complete the employment form.
Individual Sports
May accept prize money based on place/finish/performance in an open athletics event (not invitation only).
Prize money may not exceed actual and necessary expenses.
Keep all your receipts for expenses (e.g., gas, hotel, entry fee, equipment, etc.)
Unethical Conduct
Summer Voluntary Workouts
Very strict legislation.
Must complete Compliance Office form.
Must be approved by director of athletics.
Must be on approved NCAA list.
Cannot compete in 3-on-3 Hoop-it-Up tournaments.
Only 2 student-athletes on the same team.
Never during academic year.
Missed regular season games is the penalty if all rules are not followed.
Please remember NCAA Bylaw 10.1 throughout your career as a student-athlete.
Must furnish truthful information to Compliance Office and/or NCAA regarding a potential violation of NCAA legislation.
It's a Process
Ordering through bookstore.
Professors do not go through bookstore so check your syllabi.
Class changes - Must return books with Compliance Office Book Return Form if you drop a class within 21 days from beginning of semester otherwise you will be charged for the book.
Title IX and Sexual Harassment
Campus website - https://cfo.asu.edu/hr-titleIX.
Athletics department liaison - Justin Pollnow.
Social Media
Financial Aid Updates
Academic Honor Awards
NAmU-Dean's, Provost, Presidents
Must maintain a 3.0 GPA before start of next academic year to keep athletics scholarship and academic award at the same level.
Drug Testing
Drug Free Sport Summer Contact
ACS Form received through email.
Must complete by May 5.
Inaccurate information may result in missed drug test, which results in a "failed" drug test.
Number of Student-Athletes on Same Team
Basketball = 2
Soccer = 5
Volleyball = 2
Baseball = 4
Softball = 4
Be careful
Eliminated from a job search.
Get expelled/suspended from school.
Get arrested.
Get stalked or harassed.
Shame your team, family, ASU, and self.
Cash-in-Lieu Checks
Budget wisely.
Four checks (Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov.) should cover five months (Dec. too).
Class Changes
Class changes affect your student accounts.
Most classes have an associated class fee.
Ask Before You Act!
Academic Fraud
Must do your own work.
Copying and/or plagiarism.
Tutors providing impermissible benefits.
Working on a test as a group when instructed not to do so by the professor.
Summer School Application
Complete summer school application ASAP.
May 9 is financial aid deadline. If we do not have your information in time to update your account, you will be assessed late fees.
Speak with your academic coach.
Outside Summer Competition
“Twitter is essentially a press conference that never ends.”
Texas Football - Secret Service visit.
Nebraska Football - Big 12.
North Carolina Baseball - Washington Nationals.
Boston College Soccer - Penn State comments.
Please let the Compliance Office know if you believe an activity is not voluntary.
Nine consecutive weeks for conditioning workouts.
May 28, 2013 – July 26, 2013.
Eight hours per week.
One week of discretionary time is June 23-30.
During remaining summer weeks, student-athletes can participate in voluntary workouts with the strength and conditioning staff.
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