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No description

Ashley Allison

on 28 May 2014

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Transcript of NEON

All about the element Neon
Name calling
Neon gives a distinct


glow when used either low- voltage neon glow lamps or in a high- voltage discharge for advertising signs.
Basic facts
Make yourself useful
Neon is used not only for the air we breathe but also for many other things!
Fun Facts
Did you know that over 18 percent of the Earths atmosphere is neon? If all we had to breathe was oxygen then we'd be dead in seconds!
Scientist or nerds?
Neon was found by a great scientist named

Sir William Ramsay
.he started out as a normal scientist looking for a good life, but it wasn't until his friend

Morris M. Traver
had told him about this amazing discovery of a new element called neon. Right away, Sir Williams experimented on neon and noticed that not only was it a gas but that it was part of the r we breathe in everyday life!
Name: Neon
symbol: NE

Atomic number: 10
Atomic Mass: 20.1797 amu

Discovered by: Sir William Ramsay

Date found: 1898
Classifications: Noble gas
State (at 20 degrees C): 0.901
Sir Williams Ramsay
Morris M. Traver
Neon gets its name from the greek word
which means new or; unseen. Because was never mentioned before Sir Williams thought that was the best the name for this new found element!
Neon alone is a plain color
but when given an electric
charge neon turns into many
bright colors!
Bet that you're wondering what neon is used for right? Well neon is used for glow lamp, lava lamps, store sings, room sings, electric tubes,refrigeration, gas lasers and my personal favorite
About the glow
Party time!!
Because of neon's strong gas it's very fun for PARTY DECORATIONS!!! This element gives the world bright and unique colors that everyone can enjoy!
Neon's properties
Natural neon is a mixture of three isotopes, and there are six known unstable isotopes. Although it has been reported to form a compound with flourine, neon is very inert element!


As you may already know, neon is best known for it's

bright colors.
But how do you trap the light? You have to use what's called a gas charged tube. The people that make these shape them into letters or animals.
Safety Counts
When you open a small shop to make some money don't worry about burning yourself when putting a few neon signs here and there. Neon is soft to the touch and wont hurt you if you hold it!
Still a

Although this element is known to be safe when in the tube you still must be careful! If the neon were to break out of the tube of a sign then it could most likely suffocate you. But only if you have the sign inside the building will it suffocate you.
Keep in mind!
Not all signs will be as safe as some may seem. The people that made the signs could've made a mistake and not even know it themselves! So always keep an open mind in these kind of situation.
The main image
Yes, neon's light is fun to look at and is absolutely beautiful but being so bright you just stare at it all day! It's a waste of time and can burn you eyes and can st likely make you turn blind!
Time of the sign
Now you must remember that nothing last forever, not even you. But neon's light lasts for years. Though good store owners probably turn off the sign so people know they're closed. But the light lasts about 8 to 15 years!
Thanks for watching
Now you now a little bit more about neon then you did before! But I'm not done yet! You all are going to find out some stuff about me too!
I'm a straight A student (such a lie). I love math and grammar most of all, I'm also good at gym and music
I'm the head animator in Silly Filly Studious, I also do voice acting and script making as well ( script making also includes song writing). I'm a head golly for my soccer team and I also do basketball and horse back riding
T.V. shows
OK yes I love My little pony but that's not the only thing I watch! I also love Adventure Time, Full House,Victorious, Doctor Who, and pewdiepie (I know pewds isn't on tv but I still like to watch)
I love food more than anyone! But I don't eat just any kind of food! I eat ice cream, pizza, popcorn,and a whole lot of

I also help out with a tumbler comic called Discorded Whooves. Go check that out please! I do the illustration!
When I'm not doing animation or playing sports I sit down and play on my guitar or sewing a dress.
p.s. this took 5 weeks to draw
Some fun facts about

My middle name is Morgan
I want to be a musician when I'm older
The scariest movie I've was Caroline
I'm the only girl in my family
My dream is to become a successful singer

I work with all twenty two cousins for SFS
Video games
One of my favorite video games I love to play is ,
The Wolf Among Us
The last Of Us Left Behind.
By Ashley A.
Please enjoy!
Work Sited
I mostly used wiki answers.com, superscience.com,and worldbiography.com
All Done
I thank you all for watching and i hope that you enjoyed my prezi very much and I also thank prezi for not being

such a pain in the butt!
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