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Structure of a Digital Marketing Proposal

No description

Lauren Fellows

on 25 April 2013

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Transcript of Structure of a Digital Marketing Proposal

My Research So Far... Structure of a Digital Marketing Proposal Step 1: Identify Objectives
Customer Acquisition Strategy

Digital Tactics

Keyword Strategy (add in Wordle page for effect)

Engagement and Content Strategy (Content Calendars)

Social Strategy

CRO Strategy Step 3:
Customer Insights Step 4:
Campaign Planning Step 5:
Working with Click Consult Consultative Account Management

Monitoring & Reporting Social Benchmarking Tools
Social Media Balance sheet - a 1 page social comparison report Mobile Benchmarking Tools 1. GoMometer

2. Our Mobile Planet - a google tool that lets you customise mobile data to generate whatever type of report you want (another really great tool) Customer Personas / Profiles Decide who their customers are Come up with questions for each persona or group of customers Identify primary and secondary customers User Journey Analysis Example journeys by customer personas along goal paths UX Summary of personas vs. journey

Compare experience against their expectations

Identify opportunities for improvement User Behaviours www.comscore.com - lots of white papers

epp.eurostat.ec.europa.eu - stats on internet trends for EU countries

www.clicktale.com - heat mapping (although we'll need to pay for full membership $13,000 per year for enterprise package)

www.ofcom.com SWOT Analysis Customer Acquisition Strategy How balanced is your online marketing mix?

Def: A Client Acquisition strategy defines the best mix of media and engagement tools to gain new customers.

Look at traffic sources on Google Analytics and compare against Google benchmark stats. Wordle Content Calendar Online Partner Analysis Goal Setting and Evaluation Here we outline in summary what we think we can achieve for the client against any goals they might already have.

Visionary goals
Efficiency goals
Effectiveness goals
Performance improvement goals and KPIs Goal Setting & Evaluation Step 2:
Industry Insights SWOT Analysis

Competitor Analysis / Benchmarking:

Search opportunity analysis
Social Benchmarking
Mobile Benchmarking

Online Partner Analysis Search Opportunity Analysis & Benchmarking Majestic graphs

Open Site Explorer

SEM Rush

(usual tools) Affiliates
Influencers (using Klout for example)
Link Partners
Advertising Partners
Syndication Partners Expert Review An expert review is where a usability expert (us) uses his/her knowledge and experience of testing websites with users to walk through a website in the shoes of a typical user.

The expert will spot problems and recommend changes to improve usability when budgets and timescales don't allow for user research.

I think this could be a quick alternative to full user journeys, and would be good for initial stage proposals. Gomometer Our Mobile Planet Social Strategy Social Media tools to track current progress (can also be used for competitor analysis)

Social Crawlytics



Topsy Social Crawlytics

provides detailed information about what content on a particular site has been shared across the main social platforms. ToBeTracker - provides graphs and info on the growth rate of Facebook presence CRO Strategy Klout.com - popular tool that gives an overall score for social authority. Again, is also a good metric for competitor comparison. Score changes daily dependent on activity, so good measure of social activity. Techniques

Customer Journey Mapping

Expert Review Techniques AB and Multivariate testing

Homepage optimisation

Landing page optimisation

Product page optimisation

Site Search optimisation Expert Review Customer Journey Mapping Using customer insights into current journey mapping, we will show how an optimised journey might look Customer Personas / Profiles

User Journey Analysis / Customer Journey Mapping


Usability Testing

User Requirements Capture

Expert Review

User Behaviours

Insight Reports / Consultancy Insights Report / Consultancy At this stage, we could offer the Industry and Customer insights research together into one insights report doc before strategy, or as a one off consultancy doc? Digital Reach Tactics SEO
Online PR
Conversion rate optimisation
Mobile marketing Content and Engagement Strategy Content Calendars

Types of content

Content marketing methods Content Marketing Methods Blog Posts
Guest Blog Posts
How-To Guides
GIFS [URL=http://www.makeagif.com/CGqZs0][IMG]http://makeagif.com/media/4-10-2013/CGqZs0.gif[/IMG][/URL]
Case Studies
User Generated Content (Testimonials, Reviews)
Scheduled Twitter Chats
Google+ Hangouts
Video (YouTube, Keek etc)
Cartoon Strips / Animations
Embedded tweets
Events Calendars
Newsletters Types of Content Trust Building: How-To Guides, Articles, Testimonials

Educational: Webinars, Podcasts, FAQs

Community: Guest Blog posts, Google+ Hangouts, embedded tweets

Filtered: Facebook Shares, Retweets

Conversion Content: ROI data, case studies Team Intro QR Codes Could be written per team, per BDM, makes the document more interactive and less wordy? Topsy.com Like monitoring, Topsy.com pulls all social mentions of a company. It tells you who shared it, and who retweeted/Liked/shared it. Automated Content Marketing As well as using the content calendar, we can use automated marketing to plan content for the site - tracking user behaviour on site and social conversations for ideas on mailshots/blogs/articles etc? Automated Social Marketing Not for everything social, just to save on repetitive tasks (e.g. Auto followback )

Automated marketing can monitor online conversations and influence social topics

Use RSS feeds to set up a body of interesting links – this is the content we can pull from our clients

Schedule these links throughout the day/week/month

Leverage conventions like Photo of the Day! or other series… we could schedule these in advance

Retweet our archives or best posts… why not?

Tools: Hootsuite, SocialOomph, Tweetadder Automated Newsletters Trigger emails based on page views, social media mentions and other activity

www.hubspot.com Stages in Persona Modeling Brainstorm with team Check assumptions with client Write Personas (500 - 700 words) and find a photo if possible 5 Persona Modeling 1 2 3 4 Review it with the team Test & Launch B2B or B2C Customer? Different requirements need to be taken into consideration - eConsultancy report has great templates and stats on differences in their requirements B2B or B2C Content? Info on the differences in content dependent on the type of business

eConsultancy.com reports


http://contentmarketinginstitute.com/ has loads of great stats for this (although mostly applicable to US users Stages of Journey See Customer personas to make sure that the right person receives the right content at the right time.

Content needs to be planned so that it is relevant to where the user is in their journey. Content Mapping Customer Engagement
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