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Figurative Language in Black Butler

No description

Shannon Oakley

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Figurative Language in Black Butler

Here, Sebastian says, "You see, my Lady, I am simply one hell of a butler." This is a pun because Sebastian is a demon butler, and demons are from hell.
In the opening theme, the lyrics say, "But the night ignores me and brings the morning". This is personification because the night is incapable of ignoring anything as it is not living. What this means is that the singer had wished for the night to continue on, but the morning still came.
Two pictures appear during the intermission. Sebastian is portrayed as a Knight chess piece and Ciel is the King. This shows how Ciel is the master, and Sebastian is the one who does his bidding, similar to a game of chess.
In the ending theme, a line of the song is "With the secret you gave me as my guide...". This is a simile because it is comparing a secret to a guide, using the term "as" in it.
Figurative Language in Black Butler
Black Butler is an anime
based in England 1888, about crimes/mystery and supernatural butlers.
The main character is referred to
as "The Queen's Guard Dog". This
is a metaphor, because Ciel is not
actually a dog. What they mean is that Ciel is serving the Queen by solving crime.
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