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Importance of Acids, Bases, and pH in the human body

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Mia Wamsley

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Importance of Acids, Bases, and pH in the human body

Importance of Acids, Bases, and pH in the human body
Acids and bases are very essential to the human body. They function to balance the pH levels in the body. Unbalanced acids and bases can cause many problems in the body. One of the most common unbalances is in the blood. Others can occur in the brain, heart, and lungs. The most important thing to balancing acids and bases is that the blood gets the proper circulation to the body.
Acids and Bases
Unbalanced Acid and Bases in the brain can cause side effects such as depression, moodiness, memory loss, hallucinations, anxiety, and restlessness. An edema can also form which leads to fluids filling the brain, resulting in rapid weight loss or gain. Unbalanced acids and bases can commonly cause heart or lung disease.
Acid-Base Unbalances
Lack of sleep can cause a gland to produce more Potassium than usual into the blood system which causes an unbalance.
Low levels of C02 from breathing to deeply or short breaths can also lead to an unbalance.
Excessive nervousness resulting in a heart attack has also been correlated to unbalanced acids and bases.
Causes of Unbalanced Acids-Bases
Balanced Acid and bases, as well as healthy pH in the blood, has many positive affects too. Cardiovascular health, healthy blood sugar, resistance to diseases, and the ability to repair tissues faster all result from balanced levels of pH.
Balanced Acid-Bases
Acids and Bases in the body
Acids and Bases play many important roles in the human body. One way they are used is in our blood. When our body transports carbon dioxide as carbonic acid, the weak acid acts as a buffer. Another way is in our kidney. Acids and Bases regulate the level of carbon acid in our bloodstream. Lastly is in our lungs. They are used when soluble carbonic acid in our bloodstream is converted into carbon dioxide gas
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