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Themes of Biology

10 Themes: What is it to be ALIVE?

joyce Hammel

on 7 September 2009

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Transcript of Themes of Biology

Themes of Biology What does it mean to be Alive? Life is best defined by a set of properties Biological Systems Cellular Basis of Life Form and Function Reproduction Interaction with Environment Energy and Life Regulation Adaptation and Evolution Biology and Society Scientific Inquiry A system functions only as a result of its parts All organisms are made of cells groups of cells working together= tissue
tissues working together = organ
organs working together= organ system Pigs don't fly birds do All living things reproduce
Parental DNA is passed to offspring
....offspring resemble parents! Plants use CO2, H2O, and sunlight to make simple sugars. Living things need to do work.
Work requires energy.
Energy flows from producers to consumers Organisms need to control thier internal environment
Homeostasis Adaptation
An inherited trait which aids
survival and reproduction.
Natural Selection leads to Evolution
Understanding the living world impacts our daily lives. The process of questioning, observing and testing.
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