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No description

Ma Vang

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Uranus

Marissa Delzer,
Savannah Novotny,
Ma Vang Uranus Uranus Facts Changes about Uranus Changes About Humans Why our Planet is the Best Exploration and Landscape We can change Uranus so that humans may live on our planet by trying to clear the clouds with a big leaf blower. By clearing the clouds, humans will be able to see on the planet, since they live on the outside of the planet. The rings on Uranus will be turned into highways. The buildings on Uranus are climate controlled because outside is - 366 degrees Fahrenheit. With these changes on Uranus, we believe that Uranians will be able to live and adapt to
Uranus. Our Visual: Humans on Uranus will have armor on like storm troopers. This way, can be protected from the high winds and storms on Uranus. The bottom of their shoes are made of magnets because Uranus's core has a magnetic pull. With this, Uranians will not float off to other planets. Since humans complain a lot, in their armor, Uranians have temperature control with them. Uranians also has strong lungs incase they accidently breathe in the gas. Just like flu shots, Uranians get "Air shots" twice per year. With these shots, Uranians will be able to survive on the Uranus. Uranus is the best place to live in replacement
of Earth because it is very big, and wide, and there are a lot of places to explore. We get to explore a new planet and its landscape. Humans must wear storm trooper suits, which you can get at almost any store. The suits come in many different colors. That way, people can wear their favorite colors or they can switch it. The reason why they are all the same is because on Earth today a lot of people get judged on what they wear so, if we all wear the same thing clothing, then no one will get judged. Uranus is also farther from the sun so we don't have to deal with skin cancer or being sun-burnt. Since it's not close to the sun, the suits won't suck in the warmness from the heat. The buildings are climate controlled so
that people can deal with temperature. - Wispy white clouds
- winds
- clouds are underneath the layer
of methane - bluish green planet
- Made of 82.5 % hydrogen, 15.2 % heluim and less than 3 % of methane
- 1 Uranus day = 17 hours and 14 minutes
- one revolution = 84 Earth years
- winds go up to 360 miles per hour
- made of gas, ice and dust
- sun's colder twin
- average temperature is - 366 degress fahrenheit Voyager 2 was the closest to ever get to see
Uranus in 1986
- took pictures of the the planet
- strong magnetic pull
- received information on rings, moons,
and atmosphere
- closest approach on Jan. 24, 1986 Solar System Placement Solar system :
- 1.9 Billion miles from the sun
- 1.6 billion miles to 1.98 billion miles away from Earth
- next to Neptune and Saturn
-tilted by 82 degrees or 98 degrees
-about 6 1/2 times bigger than Earth
- 7th planet in the solar system On the planet Uranus, Uranians continue with their usual daily life like what we do on Earth. Children and students go to school while adults go to work. The only difference from daily life on Earth to daily life on Uranus is that Uranians dress in storm troopers
suits. The construction paper circle around the soccer ball is the highways. The black houses represents buildings and houses. The storm troopers represents
out people. Moons of Uranus There are over 30 moons
on Uranus. Uranus Rings Uranus has thin and dark rings. There are a total of thirteen rings on Uranus as of right now. The rings are wobbly. Fainter rings are wider and fuzzy. On the Voyager 2 mission, the first nine rings were found before the next two. In 2005, NASA was able to identify one more. Scientists are unsure if there is still more unknown rings out there like there are moons. Solar System More is still to be
discovered/ left unknown. Traveling to Uranus It takes about nine and a half years to ten years to leave from Earth and arrive on Uranus. Transporation on Uranus On Uranus, Uranians travel on foot a lot. They also travel on the rings which is also the highways, but that transportation is only for far away places. Adults must pay while children and college students must use their cards. On their cards, they can flash their serial number just like what
would happen on modern day city buses. landscape: Some of the most known moons are: Moons adslkjasld
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