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The Writing Style of O'Henry

No description

Clayton Vossler

on 13 November 2012

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Transcript of The Writing Style of O'Henry

English 11 The Writing Style of O'Henry - O'Henry was born September 11, 1862 in Greensboro, NC.
- Both his mother and his wife died from tuberculosis.
- A lot of his short stories were published while he was in prison.
- He got the pen name of O'Henry, because when he was in prison he sent his stories to the publishers using different names so they wouldn't know that he was in jail.
- Once he was realeased from prison, he moved to New York, and began to write many short stories about the city. - O'Henry's style of writing is dark, mysterious, and untrustworthy, which is shown throughout his short stories, especially The Last Leaf, The Voice of the City, The Friendly Call, and The Indian Summer of Dry Valley Johnson. Background O'Henry's style of writing Dark - Porter's dark writing style is expressed throughout many of his stories, such as "The Last Leaf"
- In the story Johnsy has pneumonia and has her mind made up that when the last ivy leaf outside her window falls off the tree, she is going to die.
- Porter is relating this story to his past.
- Both his mother and his wife died from tuberculosis at a young age, he is comparing Johnsy having pneumonia to his mother and wife having tuberculosis. Mysterious - O'Henry's mysterious style of writing is expressed in "The Romance of a Busy Broker"
- In the story a very busy banker falls in love with one of his co-workers.
- He asks her to marry him.
- "Don't you remember, Harvey? We were married last evening at 8 o'clock in the little church around the corner" ("Romance" 3)
- We are left wondering why he couldn't remember why he was married.
- That is an example of O'Henry's mysterious style of writing. Untrustworthy - His untrustworthy style of writing is shown throughout Babes in the Jungle
- In the the story Billy and Silver are tricked into thinking that a cheap painting is really an rare and expensive piece of art.
- They find the painting in a apwn shop and buy it for $2000, after they find out that it is actually not what they were told and it was selling in other stores for $3.50
- This book has the untrustworthy theme as well as many of his other books.
- Due to his dark past, he has a hard time trusting people and he has written many stories revolving around this topic.
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