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The Future Of Communication

By Amy Travers

Amy Travers

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of The Future Of Communication

By Amy Travers The future of communication! So, when did communication really begin?
Well there was a time were speaking, and actions were the only type of communication available...But we wont go back that far! One of the most popular ways to communicate was by mobile phones. After mobile communication became a big thing (Around about 1990's, mostly in Japan) phones then started to develop in lots of ways. For example phones started off without camera's! The start of the journey... Later technology, such as Skype, are developing along with TV's..So now people are able to communicate via television! But take a look at this future TV. Not only do we have phones to communicate... There are loads of ways that people can cummunicate, via websites like facebook, twitter, myspace etc..
But if we didn't have laptops, phones even tv's none of these wouild exist.
So how can future technology help us communicate with social networking sites? Different people are coming up with lots of different ways of communication.
But how will gadgets improve? The future communication will be very advanced and super awesome.
As technology is developing, it changes the communication too! So, at the end of the day... The future is going to be great.
Here are some pictures to prove that.. Conclusion! :) Thanks for watching! There was even a time when mobile phones looked like this; Eeeeeew. And now they could end up looking like this; Pretty cool eh? This is the webcam! That's beast. Cummunication has never been easier! Social networking! Phones are allowing people to get on app's nowdays and in the future, there may even be a phone created by facebook! You could do everything a normal phone does, but with special access to facebook. Without needing to log-in or wait for your desktop to load! Pretty neaaat. Imagine you're sitting at home, eating tea and suddenly you realise your friend is calling you on your iphone45 asking if you want to hologram eachother... <- Mini phone evolution Coooool! Things are improving all the time, you may not even know it, but they are! For example, Apple has already made a 3rd version of the 'ipad' called the 'minipad' as it is simply, smaller. But the future of communication can be affected by this in such ways that there could be extreme fashions, and communication could be forgotten... Technology is a big thing nowadays, therefore we still need to keep in contact with special people! For example, your mum could be away for a while- So you call her up for hologram. Possibly your Nan wants to have a chat about that East- Enders episode she made you watch...What if a friend wants to know how you are? Or maybe want to hologram with your crush?;) Who knows. But either way, it's still important. So in this picture, can you imagine yourself doing that? .
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